Flybig Opts ARMS Software Suite from LAMINAAR to Conduct Digital Operations

Born during the pandemic, India’s newest airline, Flybig has decided to opt ARMS software suite from LAMINAAR to conduct its digital operations. ARMS software will help the airline in kickstarting its operations in an efficient and smooth manner. The ATR operator has chosen the ARMS V2.5 unified platform for managing flight operations, crew management, network planning, flight dispatch, maintenance & engineering (M&E), along with safety management. So the software is actually going to help the airline get down and execute most of its services in an accountable manner — more details on the story ahead.


ARMS V2.5 to Offer Seamless Interoperability and Flexibility Between Subsystems

There are a lot of systems at work to keep things accountable and efficient whenever it comes to large-scale companies or airlines. Despite being a new airline, Flybig will have to take care of several things to operate flights just like the biggest airlines in India and all around the world do.

Thus, ARMS V2.5 is going to help the airline in this aspect by offering seamless interoperability and flexibility between its subsystems to ensure that everything keeps going smooth. The tech stack of the software is very easy to understand, deploy, add components, and maintain to offer non-disruptive incremental changes which benefit a lot to large airlines.

LAMINAAR has multiple offices in India (Bangalore and Mumbai), as well as globally (Singapore and USA). The tech company has more than 75 global clients which include big Indian airlines such as Vistara, GoAir, Air India, SpiceJet, and other start-up airlines such as Star Air.

International airlines such as AirAsia, Silk Air, Iberia, and more are also clients of LAMINAAR and keep taking its services in the domain of software and technology.

Flybig operated its first flight in December 2020 when it flew from New Delhi to Shillong. January 3, 2021, onwards the airline started serving its destinations from the Indore hub. At present, the airline has a fleet of two ATR 72-500s and has plans of adding more of it along with Dornier 228s.

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