Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and Scoot to Operate Flights With Vaccinated Pilots and Crew

All the three airlines of the SIA group - Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, and Scoot have done something which no other airline group in the world has done so far. The concerned airlines have operated flights with a full set of vaccinated cabin crew and pilots. There were three flights, one from each airline that took off with cabin crew and pilots who were all vaccinated against the COVID-19 or coronavirus. This will be a major boost for the confidence of every passenger travelling with the airline during the time of global pandemic — more details on the story ahead.


SIA Group Airlines Now Have Vaccinated Pilots and Crew

The first flight (SQ956) from Singapore Airlines with vaccinated pilots and cabin crew took off from Singapore at 9:30 AM local time (GMT +8) for Jakarta, Indonesia. Following that, Scoot’s flight (TR606) departed for Bangkok, Thailand from Singapore at 9:30 AM local time (GMT +8). Lastly, SilkAir operated its flight (MI608) which took off from Phnom Penh, Cambodia at 4:30 pm local time.

In a release from the SIA, it has been noted that the Singapore government has prioritised the aviation sector when it came to vaccinations. This is evidence of how important the government thinks the sector is. The aviation sector is crucial when it comes to the recovery of an economy.

The release also said that 90% of the SIA group's operating crew has already signed up for the vaccines. Mr Goh Choon Phong, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Singapore Airlines, said that vaccinations would be essential for opening up the country's borders and boosting the confidence of people to start travelling again.

He also said that the airline group is pleased with its employees who have taken up the ‘getting vaccinated’ thing very enthusiastically. This is a good thing for Singapore and its travel and tourism industry.

With vaccines being available in a more wide-scale manner in future, more and more airlines and travellers will get it, and it will start bringing back the normalcy of international travel once again.

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