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People looking to travel in style with a low budget in their hands can be relieved as GoAir has got them covered. The airline recently won the Best Airline title at the Andaman Tourism Awards 2019. Undoubtedly, GoAir is an airline which gives tough competition to IndiGo with its low pricing strategy in the domestic segment. GoAir has its International travel packages as well. The airline covers all the costs of flight, Hotel and the conveyance during the trip. One of its interesting packages is for a trip to Thailand.


Here Are The Best Deals Included With Flights

GoAir offers some of the best budget-friendly deals. You can gain access to the offer benefits by going to GoAir’s website and purchase a package for yourself. There are different packages that you can choose from. The first package category that it offers for Thailand trip is the, ‘Best Deals With Flights’. It simply means that the package will cover the flight costs and will make it as budget-friendly as possible. All of the travel packages that are offered to you are pre-discounted from the average market rates prevailing.

Under this category four package options are availed to you, the first one is - Pattaya for 4 nights in a 3-star Hotel. The package is for 4 nights and 5 days obviously and will come at a cost of around Rs 23,999. GoAir will be responsible for arranging local conveyance for you to travel from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya for which you don’t have to pay any extra cost until and unless you want a private travel line each time you want to go somewhere. As for the cost of food, breakfast will be complimentary at the hotel and for lunch and dinner, somedays extra charge is applicable. You can check out the package in detail to find an estimate the extra charges for food. There are three more variations of the trip where the travel days will be the same but the city locations will change.

GoHoliday Plans for Friends Trip

GoAir considers the fact that you are not going to visit Thailand alone always. The airline is aware that people want to have a good getaway with their friends but at a price which doesn’t seem too unreal. That is why it has one more category to offer, which is - a budget trip for friends. There are 8 different packages to choose from under this category and the cheapest package is of Rs 5,999 only which will be for 2 nights and 3 days. In these packages, the cost for flights and conveyance and hotel will be covered as well. The costs for dinner and lunch will have to be spared by you only.

Make Memories With Your Family

This category will have packages which will choose places where you can conveniently spend time with your family. The travel packages range from 5 to 7 days. You will have a variety of options to go through for selecting the best offer that your family can get. You can even add or remove locations or conveyance methods from the plan you are choosing.

GoAir has made every plan in such a manner where you can tweak things according to your wish. There is a possibility that you don’t like any of the plans you are offered by the GoAir website, that is why they have provided a custom plan maker as well. You can decide the number of days you want to spend in Thailand, and the cities you want to explore, the hotels you want to check-in. You will get complete control of the package plan. GoAir will even arrange the visa for you if you want and don’t worry, the plan will get a discount from GoAir.

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