GoAir In-Flight Meals Resumed, But With Certain Changes

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GoAir, one of the largest low-cost carriers in India, has resumed its inflight meals and refreshments for the passengers. GoAir in-flight meals were paused earlier to maintain as much distancing as possible. But from November 12, 2020, the airline has resumed with providing tasty meals and refreshments to the passengers onboard. But there are certain changes to the rules and policies related to these meals. Keep reading ahead to find out what they are and how you can book GoAir in-flight meals and refreshments the next time you board a flight with the airline.


GoAir In-Flight Meals Service, How You Can Pre-Book a Meal for Yourself?

Passengers can not purchase meals inside the flight anymore. Any meal that you require, you will have to pre-book it.

To pre-book a meal, first of all, your flight booking must be successful. While booking your flight ticket through the mobile app or the website of GoAir, you will get an option to pre-book a meal for yourself.

You can choose from an array of veg, non-veg, and Jain meals as per your convenience. The minimum time before which you can pre-book a meal for yourself is 12 hours from the departure of your flight.

The thing to note here is that once you have chosen or selected a kind of meal for yourself such as veg or non-veg, you can’t change it after the booking is successful. Adding to this, you will have to show your boarding pass to the cabin crew to get your meal. If you have pre-booked your meal and paid for it but fail to present the boarding pass inside the flight, you won’t be provided with the meal.

The total price of the meal that you pay at the time of booking is inclusive of all the taxes. Further, GoAir doesn’t give any guarantee on whether the meal served will be hot, warm, or cold in temperature. Thus the passenger can’t complain.

In case you cancel your flight booking fully or partially, you will be provided with the refund if the cancellation took place 2 hours before the scheduled departure for domestic flights and 3 hours before the scheduled departure for international flights. But the meal booking can’t be cancelled on a stand-alone basis. Adding to this, in case the airline cancel’s your flight booking, you will be refunded with the full amount for the same.

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