Go First Fare Lock: Everything You Need to Know

With Go First Fare Lock Service, Passengers can Secure/Lock their bookings and Pay later. A nominal fee of Rs 200 and Rs 300 per passenger per sector applies on Domestic and International flights, respectively.

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Go First Fare Lock: Everything You Need to Know

We all have that travel gang with whom we plan our trips. Sometimes we don't have a clear travel plan or are unsure of what happens next while planning trips. We all must have experienced at least one situation where uncertainty prevails till the last minute. Right?

But those attractive flight fares at that moment or the last few seats left message on the screen while planning your trip will not let your thoughts be silent, and this is where the dilemma comes into the scenario.

You wish to book the ticket but also are unsure if you can travel or not! What if the price goes up? Worry Not! Go First has a solution for you.

Go First Passengers don't need to think or wait as they can FARE LOCK!

Go First Fare Lock:

Go First Fare Lock allows you to lock a selected fare at a nominal fee. This service will ensure that the selected flight(s) won't sell out and the price will not go up while you plan things and make your decision. Interesting right? The fare lock duration varies for domestic and international flights.

Fare Lock on flights within India: Domestic Flights

The fare will be held up for up to 15 days from the booking time/date. You can hold the fare for a maximum of 15 days from the time/date of booking.

The Fare Lock Service is offered 15 days prior to the flight departure. Fare Lock applies only to bookings which are 15 days prior to the flight departure.


Rs.200 per passenger per sector will be applicable as a Fare Lock fee, which will be over and above the ticket cost.

It took a while for us to come up with the below table to capture the Fare Lock dates. The Below table may be of some help for understanding.

Booking Date (B)Flight Date (D)Difference B/DBooking Expiration DateLock up Days
27 Aug 20227 Sep 202211NA
27 Aug 202210 Sep 202214NA
27 Aug 202211 Sep 202215NA
27 Aug 202212 Sep 2022165 Sep 20229
27 Aug 202215 Sep 2022198 Sep 202212
27 Aug 202216 Sep 2022209 Sep 202213
27 Aug 202230 Sep 20223411 Sep 202215
27 Aug 202214 Oct 20224811 Sep 202215

Booking Expiration Date: 

Go First Fare Lock Expiration Date

Fare Lock on International Flights:

The fare will be held for 48 hours from the Booking date/time. Fare Lock is Offered 15 days prior to the flight departure.


Rs.300 per passenger per sector will be applicable as a Fare Lock fee, which will be over and above the ticket cost

How to Avail Fare Lock Service:

  1. Login to flygofirst.com and search for your preferred flight
  2. Opt for "Fare Lock" option on the payment page and pay the applicable fee.
  3. Fare can be kept on hold depending on the time of opting for Fare Lock.
  4. Whenever you are confident and are sure about your booking, you can proceed with your reservation/booking by paying the ticket cost via "Manage Booking" option within the stipulated hold period.

Go First Fare Lock Screen

Things to Know:

  • Fare Lock is applicable only on flight bookings made through flygofirst.com
  • Passengers opting for Fare Lock, need to confirm/ticket their booking by accessing Manage Booking within the stipulated time. In case, the booking is not ticketed before the expiry of the stipulated time, the booking will get automatically cancelled.
  • Bookings held using Fare Lock cannot be modified until the booking is confirmed/ticketed, which means you cannot reschedule or make any alterations to the ticket unless you confirm the booking.

General T&C:

The Fare Lock fee will be over and above the airfare and is non-refundable irrespective of whether the booking is ticketed or not and will be exclusive of the final ticket costs. Other General Go First terms and conditions will apply.



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