IndiGo Is Going To Stop On-Board Meals For Passengers

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IndiGo is India’s largest airline with the most significant market share in the industry. The airline has always prioritised the safety and comfort of its customers before looking to make profits. In its consistent efforts to keep up with its policy for safe travel, IndiGo is going to stop on-board meals for passengers when the airline starts flying again. The airline is not accepting flight bookings until after April 30, 2020. Its decision to take such a measure is to ensure that people don’t consume anything in their journey’s that can be potentially carrying coronavirus. The decision was laid out to the employees by the CEO of the airline, Ronojoy Dutta.


Buses Will Carry Lesser People From Now

Yet another striking decision taken by the airline is that now their buses will not carry more than 50% of its capacity. IndiGo will also carry out extensive cleaning of the aircraft very frequently now. All these protocols will be implemented right away from the time airline resumes its operations. Dutta also wrote that IndiGo would be looking to bringing down their fixed costs for a small period so that cash flow is maintained and profits are not hammered. IndiGo is an airline which can survive a six-month lockdown despite fixed costs all because of its steady cash flow in the past.

DGCA To Set Mandatory Protocols in Flights

Whenever the commercial flights resume, DGCA is framing a set of rules and regulations that all of the airlines will have to follow. The protocols will stay in place until the time World Health Organisations (WHO) declares the global pandemic to be over, which is not going to be anytime soon. The upcoming protocols are expected to bring rules such as asking the airlines to leave the middle seat unoccupied and not filling in more than three continuous rows to avoid crowding of the aircraft.

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