Axis Bank Credit Card Offer For Flyers To Get Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

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Waiting at an airport for boarding your flight can sometimes be a very patient job to execute. There aren’t a lot of things which you can do at an airport, you can eat and surf the internet, but that’s it. Some of us, though, get to experience airport lounges and waiting there doesn’t feel like waiting at all. Once inside a lounge, you wouldn’t want to get out. You get free WiFi inside, very cheap food and most of the times, complimentary beverages and drinks. Seats inside are very comfortable; you can rest your head and close your eyes for some time because a lounge is usually quiet since most of the people can’t afford to enter one. How do you access an airport lounge? If you are travelling in the business class, then the entry for you is free. Or if you have loyalty points of your airline which you can redeem to enter, you can go inside for free. For an economy class traveller, he/she has to purchase a day pass. If you can’t afford that, then your best bet for getting an entry into the airport lounge is through Axis Bank Credit Card. You can opt for opening a priority savings account with Axis Bank to avail benefits of up to Rs 9,500 in Airport lounges with Axis Bank Credit Cards.


Axis Bank Credits Cards Which Provide Complimentary Airport Lounge Access? 

There are many Axis Bank credit cards which provide complimentary airport lounge access. Mentioned ahead are the names of these cards - Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card, Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card, Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card, Axis Bank Miles & More World Credit Card, Axis Bank Miles & More World Select Credit Card, Axis Bank MY Zone Credit Card, Axis Bank MY Wings Credit Card, Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card, Axis Bank Select Credit Card, and Axis Bank Pride Signature Credit Card. To avail maximum benefits out of these cards, you should get a priority savings bank account.

Benefits You Can Receive With Axis Bank Credit Cards Complimentary Airport Lounge Access 

There are of course other benefits which come with these cards. One of those benefits is getting a discount on movie tickets. You can get Priority Benefits of up to Rs 4,500 with Axis Bank Credit Cards on movie ticket purchases. Every movie booking that you make with the Axis Bank Credit Cards, you will be eligible for a 25% discount. If you are looking to rent a locker with Axis Bank, it can be quite an expensive affair. With the help of Axis Bank Credit Cards though, you can get a 25% discount on your locker rent. If you are renting a locker in an urban or metro branch, the cheapest locker comes for Rs 3,500.

If you go outside often for dining, then you can save a lot of money with these cards. Across India, save up to 20% on your food bills with Axis Bank partners and get a priority benefit of up to Rs 15,000 as well. You can also redeem your Axis eDGE Reward points for entertainment, travel and shopping. Get priority benefit of up to Rs 8,000. Even with the bank’s services, get preferential treatment. You can get avail all these benefits only if you have an active priority savings bank account in Axis Bank. The complimentary lounges aren’t just limited to Indian airports; some of these cards also offer airport lounge access in international airports. Besides this, you also get additional benefits and rewards for every purchase that you make through the Axis Bank Credit Card; complimentary airport lounge access is just one of those things.

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