IndiGo Flyers Should Know this Before they Board their Next Flight

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IndiGo is the number one domestic airline of India. The low-cost carrier has time and again proved itself by providing excellent services. IndiGo had a domestic market share of 60.4% back in July 2020. This stat is alone enough to prove just how far ahead IndiGo is of any airline in India. This means that a lot of airline passengers in India are IndiGo flyers. So it is important that IndiGo flyers know the basic rules, regulations and policies of the airline before they board their next flight. Since the time COVID-19 has come, everything has changed, right from boarding the plane, sitting on it, and checking-in, nothing’s the same anymore. Read ahead to stay updated.


IndiGo Flights, All You Should Know Before Flying Again

First of all, let us start with the basics. If you love travelling with IndiGo, one of the best places to book your flight online is the website of IndiGo. Because if you are booking directly with the website, you can enjoy extra perks and discounts. Yes, IndiGo offers a discount to passengers who fit into a particular category of people. These categories are — Armed Forces, Senior Citizen, Family and Friends, Students, Minor, and now Doctor & Nurses as well.


Now IndiGo is also in WhatsApp for the convenience of its customers. What does this mean for you as a customer? It means, as soon as your booking is confirmed, you will receive a text message on WhatsApp from IndiGo giving you all your booking details. Along with that, you will be notified whenever your flight is open for web check-in. Not only that, but you can also buy-add ons and services for your flight. You will also get your boarding pass on WhatsApp so you can easily enter the airport gate. To subscribe to IndiGo on WhatsApp, visit their website and you will find all the information on how you can do so.

IndiGo Credit Shell

Now you might have heard this term a lot in the last few months. A credit shell is basically airline credits which is transferred to your account whenever a flight is cancelled by the airline. You can use these credits to book a flight for yourself in the future. One of the good things about the credit shell is that it is valid for up to one year. So within that one year, you can book yourself a flight whenever subject to availability.

Baggage and Meals

If you are booking directly with the airline’s website then you can also go to its bag and meals section to purchase extra baggage if need be. IndiGo flyers get a variety of packages to choose from depending on the excess baggage weight they are carrying. Along with that, customers can book meals and even alcoholic beverages if they wish to.

Some Important Decision Taken by the Airline

First of all, web check-in has been made mandatory by IndiGo. There is no more airport check-in available for the passengers. So ensure that you are checked-in before you reach the airport. You must sign the health declaration form consenting that your health is good and it is safe for you to travel. Every passenger must have the Aarogya Setu app installed in their smartphones. It is not mandatory for children below the age of 14 though. Boarding pass and bag tags need to be printed by the customer itself.

The passengers must reach 2 hours before the scheduled departure of their flights. To follow all the social distancing norms, every passenger should maintain distance with a fellow passenger and at all times keep wearing a mask and hand gloves at the airport and inside the aircraft.

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