IndiGo Now Operates 1,500 Flights per Day With a Fleet of 249 Planes

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IndiGo, which is currently the go-to domestic airline, today announced that it's operating 1,500 flights every day. IndiGo becomes the first airline in the country to achieve this feat. Right now, IndiGo has a fleet of 249 planes and the airline operates to 83 destinations across the globe. Furthermore, a release from IndiGo also stated that the airline is flying over 2.5 lakh passengers per day. The 1,500 flights per day were achieved in December, confirmed IndiGo. To recall, in December 2018, IndiGo revealed that it's operating 1,000 flights per day and the number has been increased by half in just one year.


IndiGo Flies Over 2.5 Lakh Passengers Everyday

IndiGo is currently on an expansion spree and the 1,500 daily flight number is part of the same. According to the airline, it has 249 flights under its fleet travelling across 83 destinations which also include the limited 23 international routes. The sudden demise of Jet Airways also helped IndiGo to readily expand the operations and increase the daily flight count. In the process, IndiGo became the first domestic airline to achieve 1,500 daily flight count.

"We are pleased to be the first Indian airline to touch 1,500 daily departures, with one flight taking off every minute," IndiGo chief executive officer Ronojoy Dutta said.

This essentially means that IndiGo is currently operating at an average of one flight per minute, something which other airlines in India will take a lot of time to achieve.

"2019 has been an eventful year with many new partnerships, orders and milestones. We are optimistic about 2020, and our endeavour will be to build focus cities and traffic corridors that connect India to the world," Dutta further added.

As noted, IndiGo is currently flying over 2.5 lakh passengers per day, which is also an important number to note.

IndiGo Expanded Operations to 11 Domestic Destinations This Year

With every passing year, IndiGo is just getting better and 2019 is no different. For the unaware, IndiGo has added 11 new domestic destinations and eight new international destinations to its table between January-December this year. The airline increased its portfolio by a decent 22% in just 11 months.

In other news, IndiGo will now have direct flights to and from Mumbai which will delight the travellers.

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