Ramco Systems Adds a Leading Helicopter OEM to Its Clientele

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The leading aviation software provider Ramco Systems has implemented its Ramco Aviation M&E MRO Suite V5.8 for a helicopter OEM says a statement from the company. The software will eradicate the need for manual recordings of data and enables real-time information. The system will also allow task card digitization with the electronic signature capability to achieve paperless operations with dual authentication. The offering provides 360-degree automation for all operational areas through the modules Engineering, Maintenance, Supply Chain, Safety Compliance, MRO & Part Sales and Mobility for Warehouse and Mechanics.


Ramco Systems’ software helps 24,000+ users to manage 4000+ aircraft globally

Ramco Aviation M&E MRO Suite V5.8 is accessible on both cloud and mobile. There is an ‘Anywhere App’ that significantly reduce the transaction time both during aircraft-on-ground (AOG) conditions and critical aircraft turnarounds. The application will ensure high efficiency with its next-generation capabilities like straight-through processing, mobility, hub-based architecture and secure technology.

Ramco Systems is now integrating its offering with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, resulting in new features such as digital task cards, offline capability, chatbots, mail bots, HUBs and cognitive solutions.

According to Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, adding a helicopter OEM as its clientele puts the company on the front foot to lead the Heli MRO segment. “This has been possible because of the steadfast focus we place on Innovation and infusing our application with AI, ML, Chatbots, User-based personalization and more,” he said.

Recently, Ramco Systems formed an association with the US-based CHI Aviation, a leading helicopter service provider. With the new association, the company now maintains enormous numbers of the civilian version of CH-47s Helicopters (Chinooks). The association news led to an increase in the stock price of the company by 5% on Sensex. CHI Aviation provides a gamut of services for helicopters including construction, HVAC, fire-suppression and for defense industries.

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