Refund For Flight Cancellation At The Time of Coronavirus

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If you are thinking about how to claim a refund for flight cancellation at the time of coronavirus, then read ahead. Most of the airlines opened their portals for flight bookings and started accepting payments. Then there are some airlines such as Air India and IndiGo who said they would only begin commercial operations after April 30, 2020. Many people are stuck in various parts of the country and can’t go back to their hometown because of the ceased airline operations throughout the country. No one knew that the lockdown is going to start from March 24, 2020, and will end on April 14, 2020. That is why there were a lot of scheduled flight bookings under this period. But now all of them stand cancelled.

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What Happens to Your Refund For Flight Cancellation?

Different airlines have been making different policies regarding this. But there is one thing common between all these airlines, and that is, no one is offering refunds. Every airline is giving credit shells to its customers against their cancelled flights. Some of them have provided the rescheduling facility as well. The major routes of India see a high demand for flight tickets on April 15 and later dates because all of the stuck people want to make their way back to home.

No Commitment On Flights Taking Off From April 15

The government said that the airlines are free to take flight bookings, so when the lockdown is over, everyone can travel back to their homes. But the exciting thing to note here is that there is no clarity from the government about whether the flights will resume from April 15 or not. There is a chance that the lockdown may be extended even further. GoAir is making credit shells instead for providing a refund for flight cancellation. Other airlines such as SpiceJet is offering similar services as well.

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