Seat Changes in Flights After Operations Resume: Two New Ideas Onboard

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Flying after the restrictions are removed is going to be different than the way we are used to. A lot many changes are in line to make flying a safe activity amidst the global pandemic. Mainly, Seat changes in flights are in line for when the operations resume. Many airlines such as IndiGo already have plans and blueprints for when they start flying again. The airlines first accepted the prospect of leaving the middle seat unoccupied so that social distancing can be followed. But GoAir recently said that it is not going to do that since the minimum distance of one meter which needs to be maintained between two people isn’t going to be achieved anyway.

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What Will The Seat Changes in Flights Look Like?

Recently, the Italian aircraft interior manufacturing company unveiled some of the seat changes that can be implemented. The seat ideas were scheduled to be released on the Aircrafts Interiors Expo in Hamburg, but that couldn’t happen because of the global pandemic. But the company has revealed the seat ideas online. One of the most intriguing ideas out of all of them was the ‘Janus’ concept. This idea is inspired from the two-faced Roman god. So the middle seat will be turned back and face the rear end of the aircraft.

Seat Changes in Flights Using ‘Glassafe’

Another idea is to bring the use of ‘glassafe.’ Using it, people can be separated very conveniently. These ‘glassware’ would be attached to the top of the seats and will extend down just to touch the armrest. But there will be ample space to fit your hands and use the armrest so that you can sit comfortably. For the seat changes in flights to be implied, government and regulators need to come on board with the idea. Aviointeriors have already patented both the seat idea products and they are ready to enter into the production stage as soon as they get the green signal from the authorities. Many airlines will prefer these products to keep the passengers safe rather than leave the middle seat empty to increase costs.

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