Singapore to Allow International Travel From Next Year

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One of the worst-hit sectors of the global economy because of COVID-19 is the hospitality and travel sector, the direct impact of which went on the aviation industry. Even though most of the countries resumed domestic flights in a calibrated manner, international air travel routes remained dead. But later, countries started forming air bubble agreements with each other so their stranded passengers or passengers who had an emergency and had to travel to a different country could do so. However, Singapore is eyeing to revive its international travel routes from the new year. More details on the story ahead.


Singapore to Allow Limited Number of International Flights Operate

As per a report from the Hindustan Times, Singapore is looking to open an isolated travel lane on which select international flights can operate. These flights are aimed for people around the world who have a very high economic value and want to travel for business or official purposes.

The government of Singapore is opening the international travel routes so that the country’s hospitality and travel sector can get a bit of relief. The Singapore government has spent billions of dollars already for softening the impact of COVID-19 on its economy but is now re-opening international travel so things could get better.

It is worth noting that the next World Economic Forum’s annual gathering will also be hosted by Singapore only. For the unaware, the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering is attended by some of the biggest business and political leaders from around the globe.

For people who want to travel to Singapore for a short span of 14 days or less, they will be able to fly to the country from the second half of January 2021. This has been confirmed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore.

The new isolated travel lane for international flights is going to complement the other things that Singapore has arranged for business travel with countries such as Germany, Indonesia, and China. All the travellers flying through the international route will have to adhere to strict health and testing guidelines laid out by the Singapore government.

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