SpiceJet Employees Getting Salaries in Two Parts Post Corona Virus Outbreak

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India is in a 21-day lockdown since March 25, and it has harmed the economy. One of the sectors which are bound to suffer the most is aviation. Post the exit of Jet Airways in April 2019, Indian aviation was still finding its feet when the WHO declared the outbreak of Corona as a global pandemic. The lockdown means that there are no commercial air operations for 21 days, and this has hurt the revenues of each airline. One of the many airlines which are suffering right now is SpiceJet. As a result of that, SpiceJet employees have been promised their income of March in two parts.



A Cut in The Pay Levels of SpiceJet Employees

The airline recently declared that the employees are going to face a 30% cut from their salaries due to the shortage of cash inflow. It does not affect every employee of the airline. The salary cuts are only on the people with high position or high salary in the airline. People who earn less or are in low-level management are credited with full salary. Followed by this, SpiceJet employees have been promised that their income/salary for March would be credited in two parts. The first part of their salary is to be credited today and the other part to be credited tomorrow, which is on April 2, 2020.

Domestic and International Commercial Operations Banned

The DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) announced earlier that all the commercial aviation operations in India were to be banned for the period of lockdown. But at the same time, all the essential items cargo, offshore helicopter operations, medical necessities flights are approved by the DGCA under exceptional circumstances. Many other countries have taken similar measures as well to ensure that the Corona situation can be curbed down as early as possible.

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