SpiceJet and Vistara Excess Baggage Allowance for International Flyers: Which One Is Better?

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SpiceJet and Vistara are the most talked carriers of Domestic aviation. SpiceJet being the second-largest carrier of Indian aviation offers a lot of exclusive benefits to its passengers to give them a world-class flying experience. With dynamic fare structures, SpiceJet offers fares that are affordable and does not burn the pocket of customers. Similarly, Vistara being the only full-service carrier of India also provide add-on benefits to its passengers which includes Vistara Priority, Lounge, Direct and many more. When it comes to baggage allowance in international flights, Both SpiceJet and Vistara offer additional baggage allowance at affordable fares which makes sure passengers flying to or from international routes enjoy their journey comfortably. Here we’ll cover all the baggage allowance offered by SpiceJet and Vistara and differentiate between them.


Pricing and Pre-Booking of Excess Baggage in SpiceJet International Flights

SpiceJet will offer additional baggage allowance to its passengers boarding in international flights with affordable fares which would make their journey hassle-free and comfortable. Talking about the price structure, passengers have to pay for per trip and per passenger basis. Under the offer, passengers will get different allowances for different prices, and they can book their additional luggage allowance according to their needs. The prices for different baggage allowance is mentioned below.

Check-in baggage (in Kgs) Charges (in INR)
8 kg 1200
15 kg 2250
30 kg 4500

Passengers must note that the offer will be available only when there will be a connecting domestic SpiceJet flight to or from international flights within 24 hours of travel. If there are no connecting flights, passengers will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the offer.

Vistara Excess Baggage Allowance Details

Vistara being the finest full-service carrier, also offers additional baggage allowance to its passengers flying in International flights. Vistara has categorized the offer in 3 categories which will be easy for passengers to read and avail the benefits of the offer. If passengers have boarded in Vistara flight to an international destination with the carrier’s codeshare partner on a single ticket which has details of the origin and final destinations will get the same baggage allowance mentioned in their tickets. In another case, if the passengers are travelling to or from international destinations on two separate tickets within 24 hours, they will get different baggage allowance according to their ticket class. If the passengers are travelling in Economy Class, they will get a baggage allowance of 23 Kgs.

Similarly, if the passengers are travelling in Premium Economy, they will get a baggage allowance of 23 kgs up to a maximum of 2 pieces of bag. Lastly, if the passengers are travelling in Business class, they will get an additional baggage allowance of 32 kgs for 2 pieces of bag. If the passengers are travelling to or from international destinations on a separate ticket after 24 hours, the baggage allowance mentioned in the passenger’s ticket will be applicable. If the passengers want to carry extra luggage, they have to pay Rs 500 per Kg for all the fare categories in domestic territories. Passengers must note that excess baggage allowance will vary in international flights. In domestic areas, passengers have to pay Rs 8,050 for extra luggage across all the cabin class under the maximum limit mentioned by Vistara. Vistara has noted that they will not entertain baggage more than 32kgs in Business class. In case if the passengers are travelling with infants, the check-in luggage allowance mentioned in their tickets will be applicable. Vistara has also marked that all the fares mentioned above will be applicable in the carrier’s sector only.

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