Vistara WomanFlyer: An Industry-First Service Designed for Women Travellers

Vistara WomanFlyer is an Industry-first service designed especially for women travellers. Women can enjoy preferred seat selection, Sanitary Pads on request on board the flight, and Luggage/Taxi assistance at the Airport as a part of this unique initiative of Vistara.

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Vistara WomanFlyer: An Industry-First Service Designed for Women Travellers

There may be certain cases where women fly alone, and for whatsoever reason, they may feel uncomfortable with the seating or be hesitant to ask for service or help onboard the flight or in the airports. Considering this scenario, maybe, Vistara has introduced an exclusive 'Vistara WomanFlyer' service. Continue reading to know what Vistara WomanFlyer is all about.

Vistara WomanFlyer:

Vistara WomanFlyer is an industry-first service designed especially for women travellers. There are unique benefits this initiative offers as a part of its measures to comfort women travellers. At times, seat preference matters due to the kind of co-passengers and this has been taken care of through this initiative.

As a part of this initiative, female passengers can choose their desired seat from a window or an aisle seat, while female passengers travelling alone will additionally enjoy special baggage and transport assistance on arrival, completely free of cost.

How to Enjoy the Seat Preference Service?

To enjoy this service, passengers can pre-select their preferred seat during booking, after booking (through the ‘manage my booking’ feature) as well as during web check-in. For any reason, if the woman passenger was unable to book the seat, Vistara will ensure only a window or an aisle seat is assigned at check-in.

Sanitary Pads on Request:

Vistara also provides sanitary pads on board the flight to women travellers on request, an initiative that makes Vistara the first domestic airline to offer sanitary pads on flights within India. These are ISO 9001:2015 certified, bio-degradable and organic sanitary napkins made from plant-based fibres that are free of plastic, toxins and perfume. This service is to assure women travellers of a comfortable flying experience every time they fly Vistara.

Luggage, Taxi assistance at the Airport:

One can imagine the trouble in handling luggage when travelling with children, and it becomes difficult to manage, especially while travelling alone. Hence, Vistara has a special arrangement for this too.

For assistance with luggage and help with booking of airport authorized taxis, the passenger can look out for uniformed Vistara staff at the baggage claim area holding #VistaraWomanFlyer arrival assistance placards. These personnel will also escort the passenger up to the taxi upon their request. The taxi fare must be borne by the customer herself.

The service includes the following:

  1. Luggage assistance upon arrival
  2. Escorting the customer to the taxi stand
  3. Arranging a taxi from the airport authorized taxi providers at the arrival/connecting station.


Passengers can approach the cabin crew for service on board the flight or Vistara staff present at the baggage claim area. These are optional complimentary services for female customers travelling alone or with children on a Vistara flight.

General terms and conditions apply.

Now, Solo Female Travellers, Solo Mothers, Business Women travelling all alone have that assurance of support when flying Vistara!

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