Kempegowda International Airport to Become India’s First Airport With Parallel Runway Operations

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Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) located in Bengaluru will become the country's first airport to have parallel runway operations. Bengaluru airport will see its second runway launching this Thursday and the excitement levels are sky-high within airport authorities. After the new runway launch, KIA will be the only airport in India to have independent and simultaneous parallel runway operations. The yet-to-be-launched runway will be 4,000 metres long and 45m wide.

The New Runway Will Have CAT IIIB Instrument Landing System

Aforementioned, the new runway will measure 4,000m long and 45m wide, precisely similar to the current runway. But the runway will be equipped with CAT IIIB instrument landing system (ILS) which will make up for flight landings even in low visibility and dense fog conditions. This will be an excellent addition to the upcoming runaway. Usually, Bengaluru airport is not known for extreme low-visibility and dense fog conditions like New Delhi airport, buy it will be a welcome addition.

Right now, work is going on at full swing at the New South Parallel Runway (NSPR) and the executives are working hard to make sure there won't be any major issue happens on the launch day (December 5).

“Technology systems for integrated automatic aviation weather monitoring have been installed for the upcoming runway,” said Venkatesh H, a scientific officer at the airport meteorological office, Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

Parallel Runways is a First for Any Indian Airport

“For the new runway, we have installed two new runway visual range systems. Two airport weather observation systems, too, have been added for the upcoming runway. Right now, everything is being finalised and everybody is working towards getting all systems running on December 5,” said Ramesh Babu, director of airport meteorological office, IMD.

The validation of flights for the new runway was finished way back on August 27. Furthermore, the calibration of instruments is also finished on the runway which will be the major work in the first place.

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