American Airlines Premium Economy: An Elevated Flying Experience Awaits You

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If you want a little bit of luxury in your flight experience but at a cheap cost, you can try out American Airlines Premium Economy seats. You will be amazed to see how good the Premium Economy can feel. Its an upgrade from the Main Cabin/Main Cabin Extra which the airline offers. American Airlines Premium Economy is designed to help you get an elevated flying experience. It includes some of the special amenities which are mentioned below. There are many loyalty benefits included with the purchase of Premium Economy tickets as well. You will also get amenity kits on your journey with the American Airlines Premium Economy. In the STATE Bags amenity kit which you will receive, it will come with some of the best skincare and lifestyle bags. Alongside this, you will also get a Casper sleeping set so that you can sleep comfortably in longer journeys.



Get Wider Seats With American Airlines Premium Economy

Adequate legroom is required to experience a comfortable flight. With the American Airlines Main Cabin seats, you might not get the space that you are looking for. Along with that, the size of your seat is very important as well. With the American Airlines Premium Economy seats, you will get wider seats than normal. The seats will be all leather and feel premium to sit upon. There will be an extended footrest and headrest as well.

Chef-Inspired Dining with American Airlines Premium Economy

Good food is very important for a good flight. You can order some of the best chef-inspired meals onboard. They are not free though, you will have to pay for everything that you order. There are some flights with full drink service. But in those flights, the number of drinks per person is generally limited. But don’t worry, there will be complimentary beer, spirits, and wine from the airline to welcome you aboard.

Free Entertainment with American Airlines Premium Economy

One thing that you will never be with an American Airlines Premium Economy seat is bored. You can enjoy the entertainment system that is provided by the airline. In front of your seat, there will be a small screen attached on which you can stream movies and TV shows all flight long to keep your mind occupied. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay anything extra for it. All the content inside is absolutely free for you to stream. In case you are streaming on your personal device, then you don’t have to worry about exhausting the battery. You can just charge it with the connectivity ports available right below the entertainment screen.

Wi-Fi and Power

As mentioned above, every seat comes with different USB ports. So you can charge any kind of device that you want anytime. You can use your smartphones and laptops without any worry about draining their battery. At the same time, some of us might have work to complete while onboard. Therefore, we might require the internet. You can avail Wi-Fi services by paying a fee for it. The Wi-Fi can turn out to be quite expensive if you need a substantial amount of data, but it is good for sending a few messages or emails. In case you fly too often with the airline and keep purchasing Wi-Fi on almost every flight that you board, then you can also take a look at the Wi-Fi packages which the airline offers. For monthly access to Wi-Fi, you can purchase the $49.95 plan excluding taxes to conveniently use Wi-Fi whenever you board a plane with American Airlines.

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