Delhi Airport Passengers to Get Faster Immigration Clearance With E-Gates

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The Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport or Delhi airport will soon allow passengers to get the immigration clearance within seconds. Since the time airports resumed after going through a two-month lockdown, social distancing has been emphasised upon quite heavily. Most of the processes that a passenger used to go through at the airport has been made contactless. In a fortunate turn of events, the Delhi airport will soon be getting e-gates which will facilitate fast immigration clearance experience to the passengers — more details on the story ahead.


Delhi Airport Trusted Travellers Program (TTP), All You Should Know

The Delhi airport will be leveraging the Trusted Travellers Program (TPP) for ensuring that immigrations clearance process can be made contactless and faster. Some of the experts related to the matter have warned that if the passengers are not made aware or educated on how the system will work, instead of making the process fast, the e-gates will become congested with people.

At the e-gates of Delhi airport, the passengers will have to scan their boarding pass and passports on their own. The scanner will also click a picture of the passenger’s face and run it against the user database to identify if he/she is not blacklisted from travelling. Passengers will also have to give their fingerprints to the system. If the details are okay and passenger is not blacklisted from travelling, the gates will open for him/her to proceed.

Usually, because of the low workforce, the immigrations process becomes too slow, and it results in long queues at the airport. But with the help of e-gates, the process can be completed within seconds for an individual passenger resulting in a faster immigrations clearance experience overall.

The operation will be conducted in three phases wherein the first phase will only allow government officials and diplomats to pass through; the second phase will also allow all the Indian passengers followed by the third phase where all the international passengers will be allowed to travel as well. The first phase of the operation is bound to start from March 2021.

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