SpiceJet Upgrades Customer Care Experience With AI Powered Virtual Voice Assistant ‘Pepper’

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For the first time in the aviation industry of India, SpiceJet has introduced an AI-Powered virtual voice assistant ‘Pepper’ which can communicate with the customers in multiple languages. People can ask Pepper questions both in Hindi and English as per their convenience. The virtual assistant is built on the advanced natural language understanding of Nuance Communications Intelligent Engagement platform. It is worthy to note that no other airline in the country is offering such a customer care experience to the passengers — more details on the story ahead.


SpiceJet AI-Powered Virtual Voice Assistant Pepper Announced

Pepper will be able to understand people’s requests without the need for menu options or legacy touchtone. Thus, the customers or passengers can directly talk and solve their queries with Pepper, and the voice assistant will deliver the information required. What’s unique about Pepper is that it will make conversations more natural for the customers.

This would save a lot of passenger’s precious time since there would be no need for them to go through a complete menu and listen to all the options on repeat before they can understand which number they have to press.

Pepper will be able to quickly analyse and understand the intent of the call made by the customer or the passenger. The voice assistant will then direct the customer either to a customer service agent or to self-service options, whichever is more appropriate.

It would further lead to better call satisfaction for the customers since the call durations would decrease, which would mean lesser wait time for other callers as well. The airline is looking to expand and develop the services that Pepper provides so its human agents could be freed up for helping customers with more specific problems and SpiceMax.

The AI technology fueling Pepper is developed by Nuance. The company has developed the virtual voice assistant to be able to understand natural conversations by processing what the customers are saying and then deciding right away whether the call should be diverted to a human expert or self-service options would suffice.

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