Emirates Economy Class: All You Should Know

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Emirates economy class experience is one of the best in the world. Unlike other airlines, with Emirates, the economy doesn’t feel like the economy. It is not surprising though. Emirates is known for being classy. To start with, the airline offers free Wi-Fi. Don’t be too happy but, the limit for free data is 20MB. But that is enough to shoot someone a text or send across a selfie to make them jealous. With this, you can also make calls while onboard and talk to your loved ones. This entails extra charges though. Anything after 20MB of the internet will require you to flex your pockets.


Emirates Inflight Entertainment System

No one likes to sit in one place for long hours and get bored. Don't worry, Emirates will help you in keeping yourself sane and entertained. The Emirates inflight entertainment system is called ICE. You will not find an entertainment system such as this anywhere else. With over 4,500+ channels made available, the airline has ensured that you keep yourself busy up in the sky. There are movies and TV Shows of almost every genre and production houses. If you are not a movie/TV shows person, you can also use the music system of Emirates. Just plug in your headphones which the airline will provide you, and listen to some of the most exceptional curated playlists. You also get the option to hear Radio, which is really cool inside a flight. One of the biggest regrets while sitting inside a plane is to miss out on favourite sports tournaments which are going live when you are in the sky. But Emirates has solved this for you; now you can stream live sports from your seat and enjoy the match in the air.

Emirates Child and Infant Care Rules

Emirates economy class has set some of the best standards for the global aviation industry. You will be surprised to hear the Emirates child and infant care rules. The airline has specifically made adjustments in their flights to make it more child friendly. Now the seats are more adjustable, and if you require a bassinet, then the airline will provide you with one. In case you are travelling with a car seat for your child, even that works, they can be adjusted in the seats. If you are worried about what your child will eat on board, Emirates has a specially curated meal menu for infants to look after their good health. If your child requires a special diet, you can let the airline know about that well in advance so that they can make the arrangements before you board the flight with your child. There are toys as well, which are given out to the kids for free so that parents can relax while their child is busy playing.

Emirates Economy Class Dining

With the Emirates Economy Class dining, you can savour new flavours every time you board a flight with the airline. You will have the option for both veg and non-veg meals to satisfy your stomach. With this, Emirates also offer a free beverage. In case you want alcoholic beverages, you can also get that for a minimal fee. Coming to the desserts, Emirates has some of the best cakes onboard. Try out their Mandarin cake, and you will never forget the taste. With this, you can also make every moment special with the airline by celebrating festivals and birthdays while onboard. There are different menus for short-haul, medium-haul, and long-haul flights. You can check out all of them before you board your plane on the Emirates website. Every meal that you get in the Emirates economy class; you can be sure that it is a multi-course meal and will completely satisfy your hunger.

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