Emirates Introduces ‘Basic Business’ Class With Special Fares

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If you have heard of the term ‘Basic Economy’, now it is time to hear about ‘Basic Business’. Emirates has introduced a new business class with ‘Special fares’. Under this, the passengers can grab a business class at a lower price, but forget the perks of business travel like lounge access. This means that the passenger can enjoy a fully reclining seat without other facilities available for a usual business traveller. emirates-introduces-basic-business-class-special-fares First reported by One Mile at a Time, it is said that Emirates’ new Special fares book into the “H” fare class. The special fare comes with few restrictions such as no lounge access, no Emirates chauffeurs drive, and no upgrades to first-class using miles. Besides, the flyers can choose seat assignment after check-in opens. The mileage earnings are reduced, that means the passengers earn the same number of miles as economy Flex Plus passengers. As of now, Special fare is available only on few routes and may probably expand at a later stage. Emirates has been mulling about the option since 2016. In 2016, Tim Clark, Emirates President said that the airline is considering unbundling business class. He said that the airline would introduce an unbundled business class product as an alternative to premium economy. Currently, Emirates rolled out unbundled business class fare and is introducing premium economy in 2020. According to Emirates, the decision to introduce ‘Basic Business’ class is taken after carefully scrutinizing the evolving travel preferences of the customers. The logic is that flyers want a great seat and are not attracted to the frills that come with it. However, experts opine that this may not be true. There are chances that the flyers get confused about the arrangement. People will assume the lounge access while flying in business class. The market is waiting to see if other airlines too will come up with such options or will Emirates take a backlash here.  

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