Emirates 10 Minute Test To Check Passengers Vital Levels A Game Changer

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The state-owned carrier, Emirates, has already got the approval of UAE authorities to start flying a limited number of flights. The airline will only operate the foreigners back to their home place who were stuck in the country during the time of lockdown. Incoming of people is not allowed to the country though. The airline has now started testing people’s health to ensure that they are not carrying coronavirus and are perfectly healthy. Emirates 10 minute test can prove to be a game-changer in keeping passengers from being infected and also win their trust to fly with them.


Emirates Tested Passengers For COVID-19

Before the flight left for Tunisia, Emirates tested passengers for COVID-19. It was the airline’s first attempt in carrying out such a test. The unique thing about this test is that it confirms the results in a matter of ten minutes. The Dubai Health Authority conducted these tests, and every passenger had to go through with the blood test in the check-in area. These tests are critical to be carried out since most of the times, people carrying the virus don’t show any symptoms and can infect others when they board a flight.

Emirates Working On Scaling Up The Test Capacity 

The airline is very determinant in keeping all of its passengers and flight crew on board safe from coronavirus. This is why Emirates is looking to scale up the capabilities of these tests. They want to extend these tests to other flights leaving for different destinations as well. These tests are going to benefit the people who are going to the countries which are demanding COVID-19 test certificates in the airports. Emirates will also be extensively cleaning all of its flights and disinfect everything a passenger touches inside the aircraft.

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