New Airline from Etihad Airways and Air Arabia to Focus on Flights Between India and Abu Dhabi

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Etihad Airways and Air Arabia's new airline is said to be an alternative to Jet Airways which recently closed down the operations internationally. The upcoming discount airline from Etihad Airways and Air Arabia will provide flight options between India and Abu Dhabi and it's expected to take over the 100 slots leftover by Jet Airways. The information comes from Deepa Rajesh, who is the current sales director at Air Arabia's Cozmo holiday arm.


Discount Airline Replacement for Jet Airways Coming Soon

Jet Airways closed down operations earlier this year following several financial crunches. But everything seems to be not over for Etihad Airways which had a codeshare agreement with Jet Airways. As we already know, Etihad Airways and Air Arabia are looking to introduce a new discount airline as a replacement to Jet Airways and it will take on where the popular airline left over.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the future carrier may take over the 100 slot pairs for the market currently held by Etihad after the exit of Jet Airways. And the airline would mainly operate between India and Abu Dhabi.

The report also says that Air Arabia will likely deploy around 70% of the 100 jets it's ordering for the future airline. But Deepa Rajesh also denied the reports regarding the upcoming airline and reaffirmed that neither Etihad Airways or Air Arabia made an official statement on when they're planning to launch the airline.

“We have not issued any official statement regarding our growth strategy nor has any official interview taken place,” Deepa Rajesh said to Bloomberg.

Jet Airways May Never Make a Comeback

Jet Airways used to be the most preferred airline in India, but the company succumbed to the financial losses. That said, Jet Airways may never make a comeback as the airline still lacks financial support. Etihad, which partly owns Jet Airways also looking alternate ways to resume operations in the fast-growing Indian market.

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