Flight Ticket Prices Are About To Change, Here Is All You Should Know

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Travelling to any part of the world for business is not a problem anymore. You can simply book tickets and head off to the airport. But this is going to change in the future as flight ticket prices are not going to be the same anymore. Many airlines are offering cheaper flights today, but this is just a tactic to lure in the customer and then offer add-on services on top of the original fare. You have to pay for the meal that you book, the seat which you select and the extra baggage that you carry. Many of the full-service airlines are also going in this direction slowly and are offering cheaper flights.

Emirates Is One of The Many Airlines To Do So


The good news with this kind of pricing model by expensive airlines such as Emirates is that flights are going to be cheaper if you don’t purchase the add-ons. Even when you do, you don’t have to buy all of them, but only the ones which you require. Emirates have introduced ‘special’ business class flight ticket prices which do not include any of the core services of the airline’s business class.

Emirates has not yet introduced the premium economy class in their flights, but it is in the plans of the airline this year. Removing all the core services from the business class, Emirates now charges lesser money than it used to for the flight tickets. Even then, the savings are not very significant for a traveller. The total discount after removing all the Emirates core services is 17%.

Emirates Core Services Which Took a Hit

Some of the Emirates core services which got removed under the ‘special’ business class fare are - No complimentary chauffeur drive anymore, no free access to the airport lounge, the traveller receives lesser frequent flyer miles, no upgrades, and lastly no early seat selection privilege. Traditionally, the airline sends a chauffeur to pick up the customer from his/her home, but that luxury has been taken away by the new pricing of the airline. You can’t sit and relax in the airport lounge for free anymore, which is a drag for most of the customers used to the comfort of the lounge. Since there is no early seat selection available as well, the customer has to sit in the less desirable middle seats if the corner ones are already taken. Emirates said that they have been getting positive responses from their customers nonetheless about the same, adding to which they have been able to lure in new customers at a reasonable rate.

Lufthansa Business Plus Model Similar To The Cheap Pricing Structure


Lufthansa Business Plus model is introduced by the airline to meet the needs of the customers. The airline has laid out plans for simpler and cheaper flight ticket prices removing complexity from the pricing structure that a customer had to pay for earlier. As a customer of the airline, you get to purchase services according to your budget and modify them according to your willingness to spend money. The bundling of right offers at the right price is going to lure in more people and decrease their reluctance to pay.

Lufthansa isn’t looking to unbundle its services like Emirates though; it is instead looking to upgrade and modify its services. So the customers are still going to get lounge access with the bundle they pay for. The airline is going to charge extra for the business class seats which offer the customers to stretch their legs by converting the seat into a lie-flat bed. The airline is very concerned with not disrupting their existing product (business class) but only wants to add in newer features to their services.

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