How to Become a SpiceJet Pilot: A Guide On Taking Wings for One of the Biggest Carriers in India

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SpiceJet is the second-largest carrier of the domestic aviation after IndiGo. The airline, with its dynamic fare structure, vibrant colours and on-time services, offers a world-class travel experience to its passengers without burning their pockets. However, some people aspire to work with SpiceJet to give wings to their dreams. SpiceJet always ensures that no deserving candidate misses out any chance to work at the second-largest carrier of domestic aviation. Currently, SpiceJet is hiring captains for their Q400 Aircraft. Here are all the necessary details you need to know about the Captain openings for Q400.



Job Description

SpiceJet is always looking out for creative individuals who can be a part of the growing carrier and enjoy a lot of benefits along with career developments. The airline makes sure that they offer unlimited opportunities to deserving candidates. In the current openings, SpiceJet is looking out for Individuals who can be a part of SpiceJet family as Trainee Captains or Transition captains. Job hiring is programmed explicitly for Bombardier Q400 Aircrafts. So, if any person ever dreamt of flying a SpiceJet Flight, this is the best opportunity to grab and live their dreams.

Background Requirement

In order to fly a SpiceJet Q400 as a Transition Captain, there are specific backgrounds which would be required to qualify for the post. As per SpiceJet, candidates must have the general aviation background if they wish to fly the Q400 aircraft. Apart from this Candidates having military background would also be welcomed for the post. Lastly, if the candidates have the civil aviation background, they would also be eligible for the opening. Currently, SpiceJet is only considering these three backgrounds for the transition captain post.


Talking about the experience required, if the candidates want to fly the SpiceJet Q400 aircraft, they must have certain experience in their resume. Firstly, the candidates applying for the Transition captain post must be a pilot with flying experience of more than 2000 hours. If the candidates have this experience, they would be happily enrolled in the Job post. After this, candidates have to go through the process of Psychometry test and review system. Once the candidates have successfully passed the Psychometry test and review, they will be further sent into the interview panel. Once they have cracked the interview as well, they will have the offer letter of the designation of Trainee captain or Transition captain (RHS).

Special Features

SpiceJet always makes sure that the individuals get the rewards they deserve while working with the carrier. All the hard work that the individuals do in the entire process must be equally compensated. For the Job opening for Transition captain, there are certain special features which would intrigue the candidate’s interest in the post. Firstly, if the individuals are working as a transition captain in SpiceJet, they will have 3 to 4 stripes in less than a period of 6 months. Not only this, SpiceJet has guaranteed that once the candidates have 1000 plus PIC hours experience of Q400 Aircraft, they will be upgraded to Boeing 737 aircraft. Lastly, candidates working at the post of Transition captain will enjoy an attractive salary which would be decent and will match the post-work. All these special features would intrigue the Candidates interest in the job opening and give them the best possible incentives for living their dreams.

How to Apply?

If the individuals want to be a part of the SpiceJet family and work as a Transition captain for the Q400 flights, they have to write down to SpiceJet’s Mail address that is [email protected]. Before writing down, Individuals must go through all the necessary details regarding the Job opening and read more about them from the carrier’s official website.

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