Airbus Airliner ACJ319 Converted Into A Private Jet With Many Amenities

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Cabinet Alberto Pinto, one of the leading French companies in interior designing for aircraft, has once again pulled off an exciting project. The firm has been working with companies such as Airbus and Boeing to convert their airliners into fine private jets. Alberto Pinto is very familiar with one of the models of Airbus - ACJ319. This model is the private jet variant of the Airbus A319. The A319 is currently used by airlines such as British Airways and Spirit Airlines. Alberto Pinto clients, though aren’t satisfied with regular or average interiors; they always want something lavish and fancy. Much recently, one of the Chinese businessmen purchased an Airbus ACJ319 and gave it to Alberto Pinto and AMAC Aerospace to build him a masterpiece. Take a look at what the aircraft looks like after the work is finished.



Interior of Airbus Airliner ACJ319 After Finishing Touches

In the 50 years of their services, Cabinet Albert Pinto has designed multiple Airbus airliner ACJ319 aircraft. But the design of the currently finished aircraft is breathtaking and probably one of the best works of the interior company till date.

The passenger section is divided into four parts - the master bedroom, dining area, main lounge, and private lounge. There is also an area where the crew of the plane can take rest along with two galleys.

Once you go inside the aircraft using the front boarding door, directly to your right will be a corridor which will guide you to the main lounge and master bedroom. This master bedroom is unlike any other. It is simple yet very luxurious. You will find a king-sized bed inside the master bedroom and aside from it, a table to keep your necessities. There is one thing though; the room is specifically designed for the comfort of two people at a time. It is relatively small-sized even though the Alberto Pinto has created a lot many larger master bedrooms for larger aircraft.

Your entertained needs will also be taken care of. If you are bored, you can switch on the massive flat-screen TV installed in the master bedroom. If you don’t want to sit in front of a screen, then you can also pick up your favourite books from the two literature holders placed inside your room.

Hygiene is an essential matter for most of us. This is why Alberto Interior takes care of the master bathroom very seriously. Right behind the master bedroom, you will find the master bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with a walk-in-shower and complete vanity. One of the many things that people love about Airbus and Boeing’s private jets is the fact that they come with showers. You won’t find showers installed in commercial aircraft or even executive aircraft most of the times.

If you want to chill and spend time with people onboard, you can go and sit in the main lounge. It is an open space which has varied types of seats and also a divan. A total of 7 people can be accommodated in the lounge at a time with four club chairs and a three-person divan.

When you are not dining or resting in one of the private rooms, you can relax in the open space of the main lounge. These chairs are no ordinary chairs, though. These are recliners with head level adjusters present to provide a more comfortable and luxurious experience of the private jet.

The dining area of the jet is yet another place which you are going to love. There are two large tables on each side of the aircraft. One is ideal to be used for group dinners….

One is ideal for two people eating together.

One interesting thing is that these tables can also be converted into extra beds if you have guests on board with you.
The final passenger section of the aircraft is a private lounge. The lounge is divided into two parts, each with a divan and a table at the centre. One great thing about these divans is that they can be converted into beds as well.

Also, there are doors for each section, so when privacy is required, you can close the doors.

Opposite the lounge is yet another divan for two people who can sit and relax there.

The second bathroom, right behind the private lounge, doesn’t have a shower though.

You can control the lighting and entertainment by a simple touchscreen control panel which you will find in many parts of the aircraft, including the armrest of the divan.

Then finally, you will get to the front area of the plane, which is the cockpit, and it is designed in the same Airbus A320 family style.

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