Hyderabad International Airport Launches Contact-Less Car Parking Transactions

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Hyderabad International Airport is taking all the preventive measures to ensure that air travel is safe for customers who are boarding flights from the airport. Earlier, GMR Hyderabad International Airport released some of the guidelines and made it mandatory for both airport staff and passengers for safer travel. Now, Hyderabad International Airport has introduced contact-less car parking transactions in response to demand for safe and hygienic payments. Hyderabad International Airport has partnered with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) and banks to provide seamless contact-less payment mechanism to passengers and ensure a safer and hassle-free journey.


Car Parking at GHIAL is Compatible with any NETC FASTag Issuing Banks in India

GHIAL CEO Pradeep Panicker expressed his views on the new initiative taken for passenger safety and stated that passengers and visitors will be now able to avail fully contact-less car parking experience. The partnership with NPCI and NETC will make the car parking at Hyderabad International Airport compatible with any NETC FASTag issuing banks in India.

Traditional Mode of Transaction Will be Available

Even though Hyderabad International Airport has launched contact-less car parking transactions for extra safety and comfort of passengers, the traditional mode of transaction with digital payment over the counter will be available. Passengers will get the option to select from both the methods. However, contact-less car parking transactions will be a safer and better alternative for passengers over traditional mode, especially during difficult times.

Customers Will Get Rid of Producing Cash at the Exit

NPCI Chief operating officer Praveena Rai stated that the new initiative taken in partnership with GHIAL would make a safe hassle-free airport travel experience for customers and it will eliminate the need for physical receipts. Also, the new contact-less car parking transaction mechanism will allow the customers to get away from producing cash at the exit and long queue. She also noted that the new initiative would lay the foundation for vehicle owners and encourage them to go contactless and experience the innovative parking facility. The new move by Hyderabad International Airport will surely make air travel safer and more memorable for passengers.

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