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SpiceJet has been one of the most promising service carriers in recent times. People who have experienced the airline’s services have nothing but good things to say about it most of the times. As of now, the airline is flying to 54 destinations and has 421 flights scheduled regularly. It has also partnered with some of the best hotels in the world to allow its customers to rest in comfort whenever they visit someplace. SpiceJet came into highlight when it announced its priority services. Even though it is not the cheapest airline, it doesn’t charge you for something it doesn’t provide, which is an excellent service from the check-in process to cabin crew to air travel comfort to baggage claim. SpiceJet has also been offering up to Rs 1,000 off on flights for priority check-ins. Much like their tag line, red-hot-spicy, SpiceJet now has a service for earning loyalty points which are known as SpiceClub.


What Is SpiceClub?

SpiceClub is a special program/scheme by SpiceJet which allows its customers some benefits which other people can’t avail. It is just like another airline’s premium members club. With SpiceClub, whenever you book a flight directly from the airline’s website, you will earn some loyalty points. The points differ based on tier category you are in. Who wouldn’t like a free flight ticket? SpiceClub allows you to book a free flight ticket as well when you have earned enough points to afford it. In addition to this, every 10th ticket that you book from the SpiceClub, you will have to pay nothing for it. It will be like a gift to you from SpiceJet. You can also avail free SpiceMax upgrades. You don’t have to worry about less legroom anymore, you can just enjoy the complimentary seat upgrades from the airline. You will also get free meals and beverages in the same upgrade.

SpiceClub Privileges 

If you become a SpiceClub member, you won’t just get free flight tickets or seat upgrades, but along with it some of the priority services as well. Whenever you go to get your boarding pass, you have to wait in the queue for your turn to come. Say goodbye to waiting, you can directly cut through the queue and enjoy priority check-in and free bag out first according to your preference every time. Also, whenever you want to cancel or change your flight, you don’t have to worry about paying a fee for it anymore, it will be free of cost for the SpiceClub members. The perks aren’t just limited to airline services, SpiceJet has a lot of partnerships with other brands, you can redeem the loyalty points next time you go on shopping now.

How To Earn Loyalty Points?

It is very easy to earn loyalty points. You just have to go to SpiceJet’s website and sign up for the SpiceClub Program. Whenever you book a flight after signing up for the program, you earn a few loyalty points depending on the tier you are in. Also, whenever you purchase add on meals and services from the airline, you earn a few more points which you can redeem in the future.

Tiers And Benefits

There are a total of four tiers where customers will be placed according to the number of time they have booked flight tickets with SpiceJet in the past. The four tiers are Classic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. In the classic tier, with every Rs 100 you spend, you earn 2 points. In the silver tier, for every Rs 100 spent you earn 4 points. In the Gold tier, for every Rs 100 spent you earn 6 points. In the Platinum tier, for every Rs 100 spent you earn 8 points. The higher the tier, the more benefits you earn.

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