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Lufthansa Expects Air Travel to Become Normal in 2023

Due to a lack of workers, the German airline Lufthansa has announced that it will cancel nearly 2,000 extra flights at its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. Flight cancellations are also anticipated at its low-cost affiliate, Eurowings. The German airline Lufthansa stated that it won't be until the following year that flying operations will resume as usual. "Unfortunately, we will hardly be able to realistically achieve a short-term improvement now... Read More

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Avelo Airlines’ Boeing 737 fleet to be supported by Lufthansa Technik

Avelo Airlines has signed a contract with Lufthansa Technik to supply material for its increasing fleet of Boeing 737NG planes. The airline now has an eight-plane 737NG fleet, consisting of five Boeing B737-700s and three Boeing B737-800s. On Friday, Lufthansa Technik announced a new partnership with Avelo Airlines in a statement. This is the first time the two firms have collaborated. Lufthansa Technik will supply Avelo with consumables and expendables... Read More

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Lufthansa – The German Flag Carrier Acquires Additional $ 11 billion Debt

The German flag carrier Lufthansa has acquired an additional $ 11 billion in debt because of the covid-19 pandemic. This is clear evidence of the fact that even though air travel across the globe has improved a lot, the effects of the pandemic haven’t quite left the airlines. The factors like the significant growth in the number of flights cancellation and ever-growing debt are still keeping airlines such as Lufthansa... Read More

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Lufthansa Airlines Revamps Its Top Management

Lufthansa Airlines is all set to make changes in its top management. Effective from April 1, 2022, Jens Ritter, the airline’s current Member of the Executive Board and COO of Eurowings, will take charge as the new Chief Executive Office of the airline. He will succeed Klaus Froese, who adorned the position for more than six years. Froese will fly for Lufthansa as a captain, piloting the new Boeing 787... Read More

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Lufthansa Slashes 33,000 Flights From Its Winter Schedule

Due to the development of the new COVID-19 variant Omicron and related travel restrictions, Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr informed the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper that the airline plans to remove 33,000 flights from its winter schedule. The airline witnessed a substantial reduction in the number of bookings from mid-January to February. A total of 33,000 flights accounts for 10% of the flying schedule. According to CEO Spohr, Lufthansa was notably... Read More

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Lufthansa New Strict Face Masks Policy Explained

Lufthansa, the biggest German airline, has now announced a new rule regarding masks' use by passengers inside the aircraft. The airline, just like any other, is very cautious for its passengers’ health and safety; more so at the time of the global pandemic. Lufthansa has been on edge with strict implementation of all the rules and regulations for passengers and staff during the age of social-distancing. The airline has specified... Read More

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Lufthansa Is Cutting Down On Its Investments and Assets For Long-Term

The German flag carrier, Lufthansa is cutting down on its investments and assets for long-term now. The airline recently said that it is going to ground 40 aircraft from its fleet because they feel that the demand for air travel is going to be very low for the next few years. Thus having a large fleet of aircraft will only add to the fixed costs of the airline without adding... Read More

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Lufthansa Planning to Strengthen Partnerships With Indian Carriers Next Year

After the falling apart of JetAirways and its exit from the Indian aviation industry, the German airline Lufthansa is planning on increasing its partnership with other Indian airlines, namely Vistara and Air India. As per a PTI report, a top Indian official in Lufthansa said that it would strengthen its partnerships with Indian Airlines in 2020. As per George Ettiyil, Senior Director, South Asia, Lufthansa Group, the carrier will be... Read More

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Lufthansa To Start a Dedicated Leisure Unit ‘Ocean’ For Long Haul Flights

Lufthansa is the largest German airline and second-largest in terms of the passengers carried in Europe when combined with its subsidiaries. The airline is coming up with a new unit named Ocean. The new leisure segment by Lufthansa is to operate long-haul flights to tourist destinations. Lufthansa is launching this segment to lower the entanglement caused by its current set-up. The airline told Cirium that they are obtaining a new... Read More

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European Aviation Industry Struggles With Staff Shortages; Airlines Cancel Hundreds of Flights Ahead of the Peak Summer Season

The aviation industry in Europe is quickly recovering from the effects of the Coronavirus, but, it is experiencing staff shortages, forcing airlines to postpone hundreds of flights ahead of the high summer season. Other airlines, including Deutsche Lufthansa, Air France-KLM, and Ryanair, have indicated that they are experiencing the same issues. Airlines have suffered significant financial losses as a result of job layoffs and government-managed bailouts for certain companies. “We... Read More

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Qatar Airways Sues Airbus for $1 Billion Following Grounding of About Two Dozen of Its A350s, Releases Statement

Qatar Airways is suing Airbus in a UK High Court over flaws with the protective coat of Airbus A350. The airline is suing the European planemaker for $1 billion in damages, following grounding of about two dozen of its A350s experiencing the flaws. Qatar Airways says that these flaws are a cause for safety concerns, but these claims have been denied by Airbus and European regulators.  On Thursday, 26th May,... Read More

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American Airlines and Microsoft Teams Up to Improve Staff Connectivity

Following the announcement last month of an agreement between Microsoft, Boeing, and Lufthansa, American Airlines has announced that it will collaborate with the technology giant to improve customer experience and employee connectivity. American Airlines will speed its digital transformation, modernise its technology infrastructure, and establish a more streamlined procedure to support operations using Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, which is critical ahead of a forecasted busy summer season. Customers will have... Read More

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With a New Partnership, Copa Airlines Hopes to Spread Cost of Tickets

Uplift, a California-based buy-now-pay-later solutions company, has partnered with Copa Airlines, Panama's flag carrier, to increase its reach in Central and South America. Passengers travelling with the airline may now stretch the cost of their ticket over several months, depending on the plan they pick, and utilise it on a variety of popular locations. Special partnership Owing to a partnership with Uplift, Copa Airlines will offer its guests the option... Read More

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Russian Drills: Airlines Alter Flight Schedules to Limit Exposure to Ukraine Airspace

Airlines flying over Ukrainian airspace are altering their schedules and limiting their exposure to the open waters of the Black Sea due to the Russian naval exercises taking place there. Ukraine’s state air traffic service has issued a directive advising airlines to avoid flying over open waters. However, the airlines continue the flights in and out of the country. European airline Ryanair Holdings Plc has announced that it is reducing... Read More

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