Air India On Board Facilities You Should Know

In this story, let us look into the On Board facilities, which Air India offers to its passengers in First, Executive, and Economy Classes.

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Air India: On Board Facilities You Should Know

With mobiles in flight mode and at 36,000 feet in the sky, the onboard experience is something that passengers look for to connect with any airline and continue flying with them. We all know the legacy of Air India, so in this story, let us look into the On Board facilities which Air India offers its passengers.

The facilities are classified across First, Executive, and Economy Classes. Air India also offers Inflight Entertainment. Let's check out the services offered in respective classes one by one.

1. First Class - Air India's First Class: The new definition of luxury

In the first class, you get to experience a highly comfortable, 180-degree recline, sleeperette, ensuring you remain just fresh. The two-abreast seating ensures you are always in an aisle or window seat and no in between. You can observe the ethnic interiors are designed to be pleasing to the eyes, and the Air show constantly screens your flight pattern, altitude, speed and much more. The First Class cabin seats just 12 passengers.

Wait, there is a lot more to the experience. You can pick from a choice of cocktails and delectable dishes and also do all your duty-free shopping on board. The Sky Bazaar range consists of well-known brands and more.

2. Executive Class - Air India’s Executive Class: A haven for business & leisure travellers.

This is the experience that most Business or Leisure travellers look for. In Executive Class, you can enjoy spacious cabins and plush seats. Aisle or window seat for every passenger on 747 aircraft. Like first class, you get to enjoy delectable entrees accompanied by wine. Passengers can enjoy an exclusive check-in and lounge facility.

3. Economy Class - Air India’s Economy Class: For budget-minded travellers

If you are a budget-conscious traveller, Economy is for you. Passengers get served complimentary refreshments/meals on all Air India-operated flights. On International flights, you will have a choice of continental or Indian cuisine Veg/Non-Veg, a selection of meals and complimentary liquor/wine. Movie screens, for entertainment purposes, and finally, you get to experience improved illumination and temperate control systems.

Air India In-Flight Entertainment:

Air India welcomes you aboard with movies, TV shows, music, news and more in its Inflight Entertainment services. Currently, in-flight entertainment is not available on the Airbus fleet of aircraft.

Air India Bolsters Domestic Network with 24 Additional Flights

Air India now operates 24 additional domestic flights. These 24 flights include two new frequencies from Delhi to Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Mumbai and from Mumbai to Chennai and Hyderabad, as well as one new frequency on the Ahmedabad-Pune route and Mumbai-Bengaluru route.


Now that you know the experience onboard Air India flight, you can take an informed decision with your next flight booking. Keep reading aviationscoop, as we keep you updated about Air India, The Maharaja of Skies.

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