Air India Is Offering Attractive Fares to Students Similar to Other Airlines, Here Is What You Need to Know

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It has been a few rough months for Air India this year. The flag carrier airline has been around for decades now. Air India is known for its professionalism. In recent times, the talks of the airline going private is making rounds in the industry. The government also has made it clear as well that they are looking for potential buyers of the airline. To support its efforts in making the airline debt-free so it could be up for auction, the government has made a special body - Air India Assets Holding Limited (AIAHL). The purpose of AIAHL is to clear debt off the airline’s shoulders by issuing government bonds. It is currently planning to raise Rs 20,000 crore to clear Air India’s debt. It did face a few problems recently because of very little cash flow. The airline was warned by the fuel corporations in India that it won’t be supplied with plane fuel if it doesn’t clear out its dues. Even though Air India has been facing a lot of problems, it hasn’t removed its offers. One of the offers that it has is a student discount. Many other airlines also offer student discounts, but Air India has something unique in their offer which no other airlines offer.


Air India Student Discount Discount Details

Any student studying in India who is enrolled for a full-time course in any Indian institution is eligible to obtain the student discount offer from Air India. The age of the student should range from between 12 to 26 years. People below or above that age range will not be treated under the student discount offer. If you manage to get a student discount from the airline, a total of 50% amount will be waived off your base fee. SpiceJet also offers a student discount but the discount is only 6% on the base fare. This is where Air India is more unique than the other airlines, it strives to help the future of India by providing them with some amazing offers.

Things About Air India Student Discount You Should Know

Air India has some policies for availing student discount. Firstly, the student must be studying in an authentic institution of education registered with an education board. Then, the student discount is only applicable on flights that are departing from home town to the place where you are going to study. It is the same for when you are returning home. The discount offer is only for the economy cabin. It can’t be applied to any other flight class. The validity of the ticket is not more than one year from the date it is issued. You have to purchase the ticket 7 days before your flight for the offer to be applicable. Cancellation, refund and change of flight date are allowed but of course with nominal fees.

The basic fare will be removed in case you don’t have the original identification documents present with you at the airport and the tickets that you have purchased under the offer becomes non-refundable (Only the taxes are refunded). Also, if you can’t present identity proof at the time of check-in, you won’t be allowed inside the boarding gate. The Air India Student discount is not applicable on Alliance Air codeshare flights, Regional Connectivity Alliance Air codeshare flights and Air India Express codeshare domestic flights. The above-mentioned offer is applicable for domestic flights. For international flights, the offer details change. For every international destination, there are different rules and offers for students.

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