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IndiGo Says Delhi Airport T2 Terminal Will Resume From July 22

India’s largest airline, IndiGo updated on its website that flights services from Delhi’s T2 terminal will resume from July 22, 2021. The interesting thing is while IndiGo has updated it, there’s no word from the Delhi Airport itself. According to a TNN report, the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) hasn’t revealed any official date for the resumption of the T2 terminal, but if IndiGo’s statement were to be believed, the... Read More

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IndiGo Launches Multiple Direct Flights from Kurnool: Report

India’s number one low-cost airline, IndiGo has announced multiple new direct flights for the residents of Kurnool. For the unaware, Kurnool is a district of Andra Pradesh. The new direct flights will connect the citizens of Kurnool with three major cities of India namely Bangalore, Chennai, and Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh government has decided that Kurnool will be the Judiciary capital of the state. All the three new direct... Read More

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IndiGo Agra-Bangalore and Bhopal Flight to Start from March 28, Details

IndiGo, India’s number one low-cost airline, has added one new destination in its portfolio - Agra. It is worth noting that this will be the airline’s 64th domestic destination. IndiGo will connect Agra from Bangalore and Bhopal by offering direct flight service in the routes under its regional connectivity scheme (RCS). As per an IANS report, these flights are slated to start from March 28, 2021. Bookings for these particular... Read More

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IndiGo Achieves 80% of Pre-COVID Capacity, Predicts 2022 Will be Profitable

IndiGo has been able to recover much faster than any other airline in India. In fact, compared to major international airlines, IndiGo has posted a faster recovery in revenues, and its market share still stands strong in India. As per a report from Reuters, the airline has reached 80% of its pre-COVID capacity. IndiGo is now recognised as the biggest airline out of China and the United States and the... Read More

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IndiGo Mysore-Hyderabad Flight Resumed: Report

IndiGo operates flights to multiple destinations across India. Earlier when the government asked the airlines to shut down their operations temporarily because of lockdown, IndiGo had to stop all of its flight services completely. It included the Mysore-Hyderabad flight. When the domestic flights were resumed after a break of two months; on May 25, 2020, airlines were only allowed to operate a small number of flights. Thus IndiGo couldn’t provide... Read More

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IndiGo Plan B Options to Allow Flyers ‘Partial Booking’

IndiGo Plan B has recently been upgraded by the airline. Now the passengers will get an option of ‘Partial Booking’ or a ‘Complete Refund’ when their connecting flights have been cancelled. If you have a connecting flight with IndiGo and for some reason, your second flight from the transit destination is cancelled, you can use the airline’s ‘Partial Booking’ feature to rebook yourself another flight. You can also ask the... Read More

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IndiGo Hyatt Hotels Stay Offer, Everything to Know

India’s number one low-cost airline IndiGo keeps on partnering with multiple hotels and businesses to offer its passengers new offers from time to time. Now the airline has partnered with Hyatt group and is offering passengers a complimentary stay at the hotels present in various locations of India. This is not the first time IndiGo is providing such an offer to the customers. Before this, IndiGo has also partnered with... Read More

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IndiGo Looking to Purchase New Airbus A320neo Aircraft

The largest low-cost airline in India, IndiGo has plans for purchasing multiple new Airbus A320neo aircraft in the future. Saying the last few months have not been good for the aviation industry would be a massive understatement of the situation. Airlines are currently strapped off cash, but the positive thing is, things are indeed picking up for the industry. Talking about IndiGo, the airline has estimated it would reach approximately... Read More

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IndiGo Christmas Special Meals for 2020, All You Should Know

India’s number one low-cost airline, IndiGo has recently announced new meals for the upcoming holiday season. It is typical of IndiGo to announce new special meals as soon as a festival or a holiday season arrives for the passengers. Just last month, during Navratri, the airline was offering passengers special Navratri meals. Now, since Christmas is approaching, IndiGo has announced three new special meals for its menu. The new meals... Read More

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Ranchi Airport to be Closed for 7 Hours Everyday Until January 15, 2021

In a recent development, Ranchi Airport will now be closed every day for 7 hours for the next two months. The reason behind this is the re-carpeting of the runway at the airport. Re-carpeting of the runway is very important because it allows the aircraft to land smoothly at the airport and reduces the chances of an accident. The airport will be closed from 10:15 AM to 5:30 PM every... Read More

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IndiGo 6E Rewards Ka-Ching HDFC Bank Cards Available Free for Lifetime

A while back, IndiGo announced the 6E Rewards Ka-Ching credit cards in association with the HDFC Bank. Two cards were launched, namely, ‘6E Rewards’ and ‘6E Rewards XL’. These cards offered customers 6E Rewards whenever they made a purchase through them. The difference between both the cards was the kind of benefits they came with. The IndiGo 6E Rewards Ka-Ching card was launched for a yearly fee of Rs 700,... Read More

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IndiGo 6E Wedding Charter Offer, All You Should Know

India’s premier low-cost airline, IndiGo has recently announced ‘6E Wedding Charter’ offer. Under this offer, passengers who want to book a charter plane just for their family and friends can do it from the airline’s website. Not only that, but the passengers can enhance their booking by adding luxury hotels to the booking list. So not only travelling, but IndiGo has also got the passengers covered for staying. The airline... Read More

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IndiGo Offering Passengers Rs 200 Off on MediBuddy and DocsApp

India’s largest low-cost carrier, IndiGo is now offering passengers Rs 200 off on healthcare apps MediBuddy and DocsApp. The passengers of the airline can avail this offer on their next flight booking as it is live now. A thing worthy to note here is that upon the booking of the flight, the passengers will receive the coupon code with Rs 200 off for the concerned apps on their registered email-ids... Read More

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IndiGo Non-Stop Flights from Kannur to Popular Destinations Across India

India’s number one low-cost airline, IndiGo keeps on adding new flights for the passengers. The airline has recently mentioned on Twitter about the non-stop flights from Kannur to popular destinations across India. IndiGo non-stop flights from Kannur will allow you to reach different locations in a shorter time and increase the convenience of travelling. Some of the major destinations of India can be reached from Kannur via IndiGo non-stop flights... Read More

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