Kannur airport demonstrates an impressive growth in six months

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Since the commencement, Kannur International Airport Ltd (KIAL) is showing a drastic surge in terms of passenger growth and is exceeding the expectations of the authorities. The rate of growth of Kannur airport is far higher than the other new airports in the country.

In the first month of inauguration after 9 December 2018, the airport reported a footfall of 31,269. Among the count, 15, 260 passengers were for international flyers, and 16,009 passengers were domestic travellers. Besides the military training movements, the airport witnessed the service of 227 flights in the month.

Kannur International Airport

By January 2019, the count of passengers grew to 51,119, marking a growth rate of 40%. The February count stood at 58,353. Overall, in three months, the airport witnessed a flow of 83,572 passengers. By March, the total flight movements were 838. The count of international passengers stood at 47,411, and domestic travellers were 36, 458.

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Interestingly, the graph of passenger growth still surged in April 2019. The total number of passengers in April was 1,41,426, among which 60,336 were international flyers, and 81,090 passengers were domestic. The count had gone up to 1,47,733 in May with 61,485 international passengers and 86,248 domestic passengers. In May, 956 domestic flights and 384 international flights operated from Kannur airport.

Kannur airport authorities are taking initiatives to raise the passenger count. Recently, it requested to Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation to begin bus services to the airport from Mysuru, Virajpet, and Madikeri. For passengers from Mysuru, Kannur international airport is a viable alternative to Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. While, both the airports are more or less close for the passengers from Mysuru, it is a nearer option for the travellers from Madikeri, Virajpet, and the other regions of Kodagu. The road journey to Bengaluru airport is tedious than the one to KIAL, as the former has to pass through Bengaluru-Mysuru highway, which is traffic dense.

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