SpiceJet Purified Cabin Air to Keep Your Travel Healthy and Safe

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The biggest threat that passengers travelling today face is contracting the coronavirus from a fellow passenger. It is really important that each and every safety procedure is followed religiously by the airline so that safe travel can be ensured for the passengers. One of the most important thing for the airlines to keep in mind is the cabin air. Since the cabin is a closed space, it is quite important that the air is regulated with the help of air filters at regular intervals. This is what SpiceJet has been doing for its passengers. The airline has made travelling very safe for the passengers by purifying the cabin air at regular intervals. More on the story ahead.


SpiceJet Cabin Air is Purified With the Help of Air Filters

SpiceJet is taking the help of industry-leading equipment for ensuring that cleanliness is maintained in each of its flights. There is a state-of-the-art air circulation system present inside the aircraft cabin which does not allow the air from the front to go back. So any air-borne disease is unlikely to spread to other passengers. Circulation of air takes place from ceiling to floor.

SpiceJet has also installed HEPA (High-Efficiency Particular Air) filters in all of its aircraft. These are the same filters you can find in hospitals to keep the air purified at all times from the bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

If you are worried about not getting fresh air inside the aircraft, don’t worry. SpiceJet has also got that covered for its passengers. The air inside the cabin is not just the filtered and old air, but it is a mix of both old and new air. 50% of the air inside the cabin is filtered and old, but the other 50% air in the cabin is fresh. The air exchange keeps taking place in every 2 to 3 minutes so that there is the availability of fresh air at all times.

Cabin Cleanliness Procedure

The HEPA filters are not all that SpiceJet is relying on to keep its flyers safe. There are stringent cleaning procedures in place for every aircraft of SpiceJet. First of all, the cabin is sanitised after every flight. Whether it is a connecting flight or direct flight. If the aircraft stops at an airport, SpiceJet sanitises the cabin so that it is safe for the new passengers to board the aircraft.

The fabric seats are being replaced by synthetic leather seats. This is because it is much easier to clean the synthetic leather seats than the fabric seats. There is usually no residue when it comes to cleaning the synthetic leather seats. Adding to that, the crew cleaning the aircraft cabin wears PPE (personal protective equipment). For extra safety, the passengers sitting in the middle seats are provided with an all-over body safety kit for extra protection.

The airline has temporarily stopped providing passengers with meals and beverages. This is so that there is minimal contact between the airline crew and the passengers. So if you get hungry on flights, make sure that you eat plenty before you board the plane.

Then there is the contactless ecosystem by SpiceJet. The airline has looked after maintaining strict social distancing between passengers and the airline staff. So everything right from getting the boarding passes to scanning it has been made virtual/digital from physical. This will ensure that the passengers boarding the aircraft have been following social distancing and thus it makes the SpiceJet flights a safer experience for everyone.

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