SpiceJet MyFlexiPlan is the Flexi Fare Equivalent of Other Airlines for a Flexible Booking

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In the Indian aviation industry, currently there are a lot of airlines competing for the top spot which IndiGo holds right now. However, most of the times, the passengers are looking for cheap tickets, lower fares and budget flying options which makes the low-cost carriers the major attraction point for most of the passengers. But, even the low-cost carriers provide many fare choices to the flyers. These carriers make sure that even with low flying costs, the passengers get ample opportunity to pay for the services that are available from the airline and hence, can expect good service as and when they need. Under different fare options, while IndiGo and other airlines offer a Flexi Plan, SpiceJet has a different name to this service called the MyFlexiPlan which allows the passengers to book a flexible ticket. Here is all that you need to know about the MyFlexiPlan.


What Service Does the MyFlexiPlan Offer?

Before we move on to tell you what the MyFlexiPlan offers to the passengers, it is important to know how flexible bookings work and when they can be used. So, for most of the passengers who are flying for holidays, or business the dates and the flights are mostly fixed and the itinerary is known beforehand. But, that is not the case all the time especially for business flyers who might have to fly at a moment’s notice. Such booking is usually susceptible to plan changes, date changes or other changes. Hence, the flexible booking from airlines allows the passengers who booked their ticket to change their flight, their timing selections and other things without a massive cost. In the case of a normal booking, the costs involved in changing the flights could sometimes burn a hole in your pocket. In such scenarios, a Flexi booking is the way to go for the passengers.

MyFlexiPlan Pricing

Coming to SpiceJet’s MyFlexiPlan, the carrier has noted that this service will allow the passengers to cancel or change their ticket to suit their travel plans. The passengers would be able to opt for this service at the time of booking their tickets by paying an amount of Rs 1,500 for domestic flights or a fee of Rs 1,750 for booking an international ticket. The carrier has also noted that the MyFlexiPlan is only valid for just one change or one cancellation per ticket. SpiceJet has also added that in case of multiple passengers travelling under a single PNR, the service will be charged on a per head basis meaning that the MyFlexiPlan amount would have to be paid for each person travelling.

Must Know Things About SpiceJet MyFlexiPlan

Further, SpiceJet has also noted that using SpiceJet’s reservations, the passengers would be able to book a ticket with the MyFlexiPlan service up to 2 hours prior to a domestic flight departure, and up to 3 hours prior to the departure of an international flight. The carrier also highlights that in the case of change of flight date, the ticket that would be issued would depend on subject to availability and the fare difference between the booked flight and the next flight. Lastly, SpiceJet has also said that the MyFlexiPlan is a non-refundable service, so once you book your flight with the service and it goes unused, then you would not receive any refunds. Also, it is worth noting that in case you are unsure about your travel dates but sure about the travel, this would be a service worth the price since cancellation charges and charges for changing a ticket can be very hefty.

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