SpiceJet Flyers Can Get Priority Boarding and Baggage Collection at Rs 399: Read Details

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SpiceJet is one of the most beloved carriers in Indian aviation. The airline is the second-largest airline in the country after IndiGo. Occupying a domestic share of 13.6 % the carrier flyes 312 daily flight across 55 destinations which includes seven international destinations as well. To give a comfortable flying experience, SpiceJet offers a variety of add-on services which includes SpiceBiz, SpiceMax, and many more. If the passengers are looking forward for lounge services they can choose SpiceLounge services which will give them all the benefits of Lounge sections, also, if a passenger wants their desired seat and meals they can select the seat plus meal combo offer of the airline which will give them the option to choose their desired seat and meal. To give a direct competition to IndiGo, SpiceJet also offers priority services to their customers. If you don’t know about them, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are all the details you need to know about the Priority boarding and baggage collection services


Priority Boarding, Check-in and Baggage Collection

If you are a frequent flyer, you must know about how hassle check-in and boarding can be sometimes SpiceJet ensures that their passengers enjoy a comfortable time when they board the flight. Under priority check-in services passengers will be able to check-in directly with the carriers dedicated check-in counters. Also, the airline will include preferred baggage out services which will priority tag your luggage at the time of check-in which will give all the attention to your luggage which it deserves, resulting in a smooth, convenient exit from the airport. Talking about the priority boarding sometimes passengers experience too much rush when they try to board the flight but with priority boarding as soon as passengers get their check-in done and when the boarding will be announced priority boarding passengers will be given first preference when they’ll board the plane.

Fares and Conditions Applicable in Priority Services

If the passengers want to opt for Priority Services Pack which includes Priority Check-In/Boarding/Baggage Delivery, they can avail the services after making the booking via SpiceJet’s website. Passengers must note that if they want to enjoy the priority benefits, they must be present at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure. If because of any reasons passengers the late they will miss the benefits of Priority services.

Talking about the fares if the passengers are flying in domestic routes they have to pay a non- refundable fare of Rs 399 to avail the services. If the passengers are flying in international routes, they have to pay a fare of Rs 499 which will also be non-refundable. However, the charged fare will only be refundable if the booking is cancelled by the passenger or the flight being cancelled by the airline. If the passengers want to enjoy the benefits of the preferred bag out, they must check-in for their flight at the carrier’s dedicated check-in counter, as Priority-Check-In. If failed to do so, the preferred bag out service will not be made available to the passengers.

Also, the carrier will reserve all the right to cancel withdraw or change the offer without any prior notice or information. All the terms related to carriage mentioned in the airline’s official website will be applicable. If there is any hassle related to the priority services, offer the carrier’s decision in such regard will final and binding. One crucial thing that passengers must note that the priority services will be only available on the airports where the aerobridges gate facility will be available. If the aerobridges gates are missing the offer will not apply to the passengers

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