SpiceJet SpiceScreen: The Complimentary In-Flight Entertainment for Passengers

With SpiceJet's SpiceScreen, passengers can enjoy in-flight entertainment on their personal devices by connecting to the Wi-Fi Network on the flight. Passengers can also do shopping or book mid-air cabs using the service. SpiceScreen is available across all SpiceJet flights.

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SpiceJet SpiceScreen: The Complimentary In-Flight Entertainment for Passengers

Not always do we get to load our devices with engaging content or offline media before we travel. What if we get to fly unexpectedly? We will be left with a device in Airplane mode and may feel bored if we are travelling alone. Also, not everyone would be comfortable with the IFE Screens and look forward to a personal viewing experience. Thanks to the innovative solution, 'SpiceScreen', SpiceJet's homegrown solution for In-Flight Entertainment. Read to know more.


SpiceJet, India's favourite airline, launched 'SpiceScreen' - a complimentary in-flight entertainment system in August 2020. SpiceScreen is an enhanced version of the airline's existing in-flight entertainment, a first-of-its-kind, light-in-weight, wireless entertainment system that enables seamless delivery of content onto the personal devices of the passengers through the Wi-Fi network in Flight.

Passengers can access the in-flight entertainment system on any of their devices - a smartphone, tablet or laptop - by simply connecting to the onboard Wi-Fi network. The service is available across all SpiceJet flights. With such a facility, passengers can enjoy the content on their handheld devices with comfortable viewing angles.

How to Use SpiceScreen:

Flyers, once on board need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Enable Airplane Mode
Step 2: Enable Wi-Fi and connect to SpiceScreen Wi-Fi
Step 3: Open your favourite browser and visit spicescreen.com.

Although SpiceScreen service is unbiased, users are recommended to use the Chrome browser.

What SpiceScreen Offers?

SpiceScreen offers latest movies, stand-up acts, popular podcasts, amazing games, trip deals, destination videos, Spicy world and compelling regional content. Passengers can also book cab services from mid-air and shop using the Sky Mall service.

Cabs on the Fly:

For the first time, passengers can book mid-air cab bookings with 100% confirmed cabs, zero wait time, free cancellation, lowest fare with up to 10% discount, and closest pick-up point from the exit.

Steps to book a confirmed cab on your flight:

Step 1: Connect to SpiceScreen on your mobile device.
Step 2: Go to the CAB section on the homepage.
Step 3: Enter your mobile number and confirm your cab.

Things to Know:

  1. Once the details are submitted, the cab booking is 100% confirmed.
  2. SpiceJet passengers can book the cabs with the lowest fares with up to a 10% discount.
  3. No cancellation fee will be levied if the cab is not boarded.
  4. Passengers can check the fares on the booking page.

Sky Mall:

You can shop electronics & gadgets, jewellery, cosmetics, apparels, personal care, travel essentials, accessories and many more in the clouds using the Sky Mall service. Upon landing, a confirmation message will be sent to the passengers to complete the order. All payments are 'Cash on Delivery' basis.

SpiceJet recently launched Taxi Service:

With SpiceJet's Taxi Service, passengers can avail of 100% confirmed taxis, zero wait time, hassle-free travel, sanitized cabs, instant cashback, and zero cancellation charges.

Other Services from SpiceJet: 1. SpiceMax Benefits 2. Spice Assurance 3. SpiceJet Private Charter


With SpiceJet's In-Flight Entertainment, passengers can sit back, relax and enjoy the SpiceScreen experience. Remember to carry your earphones with you!

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