What to Expect if Travelling to London Heathrow Airport During COVID-19

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If you are travelling to Heathrow airport, London anytime soon, then there are a few things that you must know. First of all, there are different rules for passengers that are travelling from and travelling to Heathrow airport. Initially, we are focusing on all the passengers which are travelling to the destination. Starting with the basic rules, all passengers which are aged 11 or older need to keep their face covered with a mask at all times. There is a passenger locator form which passengers need to fill before they fly to London, UK.


Rules for Flying to London Heathrow Airport

Quarantine rules for passengers flying from different countries will be different. You should be aware of the rules of quarantine that are in place for the country you are flying from. If your country has an air corridor deal with the UK, then you won’t have to self-isolate. But if your country is not in an air corridor deal with the UK, then you might have to undergo a 14-day quarantine when you reach London, Heathrow airport or any other part of the UK.

Connecting flights are still available for passengers through the Heathrow airport. So if you want to book a flight till London and from there book another one the same day or some other day, you can do so without any problem. Just in case if you have another flight that you want to take and it is on some other day and your flight ticket isn’t confirmed, then you will have to clear the immigrations. Every passenger will have to fill a Passenger Locator form 48 hours before they fly to the UK.

Social Distancing and Cleanliness Measures

There are hundreds of hand sanitising dispensers placed throughout the airport. Social distancing has to be followed strictly. Cleaning is done more frequently to ensure that hygiene must be maintained. Passengers must keep their face covered with a mask all the time if they are 11 years or older than that.

Then there is a team of dedicated hygiene technicians which ensures that the London Heathrow airport is disinfected at regular intervals. Even for passengers which are travelling through the exit gates of the terminals need to keep wearing masks all the time.

As of now, there is no COVID-19 testing done for the passengers who are arriving at the Heathrow airport from other countries. The UK government is still in talks about how best to go about the policies of their testing for COVID-19 for both the international and domestic arrivals. But as of yet, there is nothing rock solid announced by the UK government.

But if you are caught short of breath or with fever on arrival at the Heathrow airport and the thermal sensors reflect your temperature to be high, authorities will ask you to step aside and you will have to follow everything you are asked to.

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