Vistara Adds New Domestic and International Flights as Demand Increases

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India’s only full-service carrier, Vistara has added new domestic and international flights for the passengers. The airline is going to operate additional flights to Goa from Delhi and Mumbai. Vistara has cited positive demand for airline services as the reason behind the addition of new flights. As per a report from PTI, Vistara is going to operate two more weekly flights in the Delhi-Goa route and one more weekly flight in the Mumbai-Goa route. More on the story ahead.


Vistara New Flights to Goa From Delhi and Mumbai, More Flights to London as Well

One of the many reasons why Vistara has added new flights to Goa is because during winter, demand for travel to Goa increases. As of now, the airline operates 9 weekly flights from Delhi and 10 weekly flights from Mumbai to Goa.

Vinod Kannan, Chief Commercial Officer of Vistara, said that the airline is looking to increase the number of flights to Goa from both Mumbai and Delhi to 11 every week. The new flights will be added from October 25, 2020, for the passengers.

Along with this, Vistara is also adding one new flight for the Delhi-London route. Just a few days back, Vistara announced that it would be operating four weekly flights from Delhi to London. But from November 21, 2020, the airline will operate five weekly flights in the Delhi-London route, and from December 1, it will become a daily service.

Vistara is using its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft for operating international flights to London from Delhi and back. Kannan said that the reason behind the addition of these new flights, both in domestic and international routes is because of positive demand.

“According to our customer survey concluded in June, 65 per cent of the respondents expected to take their next Vistara flight before December. This gives us confidence as we continue to monitor passenger demand and scale up our operations in a calibrated manner” Kannan noted.

Vistara is operating international flights to the UK under the air bubble agreement between both the countries (India-UK).

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