Air India Safeguards Grounded Aircraft Amidst Lockdown Period

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The increasing threat of Covid-19 has put the aviation industry on hold. To stop the contagious Virus from spreading, the government announced 21 days lockdown period. All the aviation operations except Cargo planes and rescue flights are banned until April 15, 2020. However, the government might extend the lockdown period, and air travel might not start soon. To ensure that grounded Aircraft are kept in proper conditions, the government-owned carrier Air India is following all the essential measures under the aircraft preservation period to ensure that grounded Aircraft are held in the best working conditions.


What is Aircraft Preservation?

You must be thinking about what exactly is Aircraft Preservation. In simple terms, Aircraft Preservation method is a series of steps which is followed by the airlines to ensure that grounded Aircraft is kept in working conditions. The primary step involved in the process of Aircraft Preservation is the storage and maintenance plans of the Aircraft. Further, the entire openings of Aircraft are prevented from insects, birds and debris.

Landing Gear is the Most Important Element in Aircraft Preservation

Since grounded Aircraft are not flying, the landing gear of the Aircraft is opened, and the exposed part is a feast for insect, birds and debris. To ensure that these microorganisms don’t damage the Aircraft, the aircraft preservation is followed. Not only landing gear, but the engine of the Aircraft is also preserved with thick plastic covers.

Aircraft Preservation is Similar to Vehicle Preservation

As per an Air India Engineer, Aircraft Preservation is similar to vehicle cleaning. Similar steps are followed to ensure that the engine is kept in working conditions. Also, regular aircraft preservation of an Airbus A 320 or Boeing 737 takes 50 Hour to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of the grounded Aircraft. Though Air India has been flying rescue flights, various other Air India aircraft is still on the ground. With Aircraft preservation, Air India is making sure that once the lockdown period gets over, its Aircraft will be functional and ready to fly.

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