Etihad Airways Launches World’s First Green Loyalty Program Conscious Choices

The program rewards passengers for offsetting flights, flying with less baggage and making sustainable choices in everyday life.


  • The members can earn Tier Miles for carrying less baggage on board.
  • Etihad passengers can earn Tier Miles when not in the air by offsetting their carbon footprint from driving, cooking, power usage, etc.
  • The complete programme and benefits will go live in January 2022.

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Etihad Airways has introduced sustainability-focused initiatives to reward members for making ‘green’ choices to reduce their carbon footprint. Dubbed as Conscious Choices, the new range of sustainable initiatives offered under the Etihad Guest programme is created to support Etihad’s vision of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and halving 2019 emissions by 2035.

The members of Etihad Guest, the loyalty programme of Etihad Airways, would receive rewards for carrying less baggage on board and offsetting their flights’ carbon emissions using Etihad Guest Miles. The rewards are offered in Tier Miles alongside other additional benefits.

Earn Tier Miles while not flying, says Etihad Airways

When not in the air, Etihad passengers can still earn Tier Miles by offsetting their carbon footprint from driving, with one month, six months to one-year annual packages available for standard cars and SUVs. The passengers can also compensate for the emissions made from unavoidable everyday activities such as using air conditions, electricity, and cooking to get rewarded with Guest Miles.

They can donate Miles to a green cause and purchase sustainable products from the Etihad Guest Reward Shop. They can also go green by opting for a digital membership card instead of a physical one. Rewarding members with Tier Miles helps them on their way to maintaining their existing tier or upgrading to the new tier to unlock even more benefits.

Etihad is the first airline in the world to reward frequent flyers for being more sustainable in the air and on the ground. The complete programme and benefits will go live in January 2022.

Etihad is known for its green initiatives under its Greenliner sustainability programme. This includes adopting thousands of mangroves, using sustainable fuels, reducing contrails, flying optimised flight paths, operating more electric vehicles and working with partners who share its vision for cleaner skies.

At the recent Dubai Airshow, Etihad expanded its sustainability programme to unite industry leaders, including Boeing, Airbus, GE and Rolls-Royce. The airways also developed its carbon offset programme to support Peru’s Cordillera Azul National Park project and Indonesia’s Katingan Mentaya Project.

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