How to Save Money While Travelling by Flights?

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Saving money while travelling by flights is something we all need to learn. If you are a middle-class person, you would not want to travel from flights everywhere you go! It is a very expensive affair after all. But what if you could save money while travelling by flights? Mentioned below are some tips which will benefit you when travelling by flights. Even though you might not get very big discounts, saving some amount of money won’t be bad at all! Read ahead to know the tips for saving money while travelling by flights.


Tips to Save Money While Travelling by Flights

Tip #1 - Use your debit card or credit card for booking flights. For example, if you have a debit card or credit card from SBI, then search on the internet for the following - ‘SBI offers for flights’. You will get every search result offering special discounts from the booking sites which are applicable to your debit cards and credit cards.

Tip #2 - Sign up for frequent flyer miles programme/loyalty programmes of airlines. If you have a preferred airline which you use to fly with very frequently, sign up for their loyalty program. It will help you earn flier miles and get you various other benefits as well. Flyer miles can be used to get a ticket discounted or totally for free.

Tip #3 - Book your ticket in advance. It may sound like a very obvious thing, but it makes sense. Flight tickets are a lot cheaper when you book them in advance. The later you book your flight, the more expensive it is for you.

Tip #4 - Taking flights at odd hours will help you save money while travelling by flights. Flights at peak hours will be more expensive as the demand for seats on those flights will be very high. But flights which fly at odd hours can be a little cheaper.

Tip #5 - Checking out your flight rates for different dates will help you save money while travelling by flights. Sometimes it happens that the certain day you are looking for flying, on that day the tickets are quite expensive. So see dates around that day as well if you can be a little flexible with flying on different dates, it might save you a lot of money.

Tip #6 - Search for the flight which you want in incognito mode. Airlines keep on tracking the flights people are searching for the most. So if you are spending time on the internet looking and researching for a particular flight, those flights will be made expensive by the airlines. It is a simple demand and supply rule.

Tip #7 - Be aware of offers from the airline. If you are a student, an old citizen, or working in the army, then you can get special discounts from many airlines. It will be a very small discount applied on the base fare of your flight. Something is always better than nothing right!

Tip #8 - If you want to save money while travelling by flights, then you should set alerts online for the decline in prices of flight tickets. For putting on alerts, you can go to Google Flights, search for a particular flight, and click on ‘Track Prices’ option and get alerted when the flight prices change.

Tip #9 - Keep on searching from coupons and discount codes which airlines or different third-party apps are offering. Coupons come with different expiry dates though.

Tip #10 - Use wallets to make payments and save money while travelling by flights. Different wallets give out different discounts and offer for making payments through them.

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