IndiGo: 6E Tiffin Is Now Available on Board With 22 Delicious Preparations

IndiGo 6E has 22 delectable preparations to serve its passengers. These items are prepared and served on the same day. These local hits from kitchens and streets around the world are now available for customers to pre-book.

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IndiGo 6E Tiffin on board Menu Delicious

We all must have experienced dining on board the flight some time or the other. Of course, the on-board dining has taken a hit, considering the restrictions on flights due to the pandemic. Not always do we consume something to satisfy our hunger. There may be those carvings inflight, medical reasons, or simply to click a selfie without disturbing the co-passengers. And now what ?

IndiGo 6E Tiffin is now available on-board:

IndiGo has come up with Food Lab to make sure that the food we eat onboard is perfected. As we know, the food menu on-board gets periodically refreshed, and now IndiGo 6E Tiffin has 22 delectable preparations to serve its passengers. These items are prepared and served on the same day. The 22 local hits from kitchens and streets around the world are now available for customers to pre-book.

As a pre-word, not everytime all the items will be available on board due to the demand, supply or storage issues. To give you an overview of the items available with the Airline, we have tabulated the menu for your reference. Some may be available, and some may not be available on flight due to various reasons and avoid wastage. Did we say wastage?

Yes, you are served on board, and the consumption happens at thousands of feet high. So, every item, its weight and utilization matters. Also, due to low cabin pressure at high altitudes the oxygen levels decrease, making smell less sensitive and thus taste. This is where the art of experimenting with different menus comes into picture and is taken care by the on board food suppliers to improve the passenger dining experience on flight.

IndiGo 6E Tiffin Menu:

Sl.NoA320/A321ATR6E Tiffin onboard Menu A320/A321/ATR
1Roast Potato Green Chili Truffle Oil Sandwich / 150 gm
2Shahi Paneer Mini Kulcha / 110 gm
3Cracked Wheat Salad / 200 gm
4Steamed Vegetable Bao / 80 gm
5Dal Makhani Mini Kulcha / 110 gm
6Aloo Mini Samosas / 100 gm
7Homestyle Paneer with Multigrain Flatbread / 175 gm
8Indori Poha Salad / 200 gm
9Mushroom Paté Sandwich / 150 gm
10Mushroom Galouti Slider / 110 gm
11Hara Bhara Kebab / 100 gm
12Two Dips with Baked Pita / 180 gm
13Apple Oat Meal / 93 gm
14Muesli With Yogurt / 220 gm
15Kiddie Delight Veg / 110 gm
16Sabudana Khichdi / 78 gm
17Tomato Cucumber Cheese and Lettuce Sandwich / 200 gm
18Poha / 85 gmPoha / 85 gm
19Veg Trio Sandwich / 140 gm
20Veg Biryani / 86 gm
21Paneer Butter Masala Rice / 79 gm
22Paneer Tikka Sandwich / 200 gm
23Corn Flakes with Milk / 130 gm
24Paneer Bhatti Salad with Mint Chutney / 128 gm
25Couscous Falafel And Dried Fruit Salad / 200 gm
26Rava Upma / 88 gmRava Upma / 88 gm
27Chicken Biryani / 180 gm
28Chapli Kebab Sandwich / 150 gm
29Egg Roast with Malabar Parotta / 175 gm
30Coronation Chicken Sandwich / 150 gm
31Butter Chicken Mini Kulcha / 110 gm
32Chicken Biryani / 180 gm
33Chicken Mini Samosas / 100 gm
34Park Street Chicken Cutlet / 100 gm
35Chicken Galouti Slider / 110 gm
36Fort Kochi Roast Chicken Sandwich / 150 gm
37Fort Kochi Roast Chicken with Malabar Parotta / 175 gm
38Steamed Chicken Bao / 80 gm
39Chicken Curry Rice / 93 gmChicken Curry Rice / 93 gm
40Chicken Junglee Sandwich / 200 gm
41Kiddie Delight Non-Veg / 110 gm
42Chicken Supreme Salad / 150 gm
43Non-Veg Trio Sandwich / 140 gm
44Sesame Chicken Rice Noodle Salad / 210 gm
45Zesty Chicken Noodles / 70 gm
46Cashew Nuts Salted / 50 gm
47Chocolate Chip Cookies / 20 gm
48Child Meal Non Veg / 110 gm
49Dal Chawal - 75 Gms
50Nissin Zesty Chicken Noodles - 70 Gms
51Masala Twist Cuppa Noodles - 75 Gms
52Cashew nuts with almonds/Trail mix - 50 Gms
53Smoked Almonds - 50 Gms
54Sugar Free Cookies (multigrain) - 50 Gms
55Makhana Himalayan Salt and Pepper - 40 Gms
56Bottled Natural Mineral Water - 500 ml
57Coke - 350 ml
58Coke Zero Sugar - 350 ml
59B Natural Mixed Fruit Juice - 300 ml
60Paper Boat Pomegranate Juice - 250 ml
61Sunfeast Mango Smoothie - 300 ml
62Cold Coffee - 200 ml
63Green Tea
64Girnar Masala Tea
65Girnar Low-sugar Masala Tea
66Jivraj 9 Cardamom Tea
67Nescafé Cappuccino
68Low-sugar Nescafé Cappuccino
69Banana Chips - 50 Gms
70Health Bar (Amla)- 60 Gms
71Health Bar (Choco Oats Bar)- 60 Gms

Items are served basis availability on board. Hot meals and hot beverages are not available on ATR flights.

Also, different individuals have different requirements, tastes and medical conditions, and thus pre-booking helps. Pre-booking will also help the Airline avoid wastage. At time of this story, IndiGo is offering customers 15% discount for pre-booking 6E Tiffin.

Things you should know:

  • Incase the selected pre-booked item is not available on flight, IndiGo will offer an alternate snack item (as per availability) or a full refund (by way of a voucher of the value equivalent to the amount paid by the passenger for the meal) to the passenger.
  • Hot snacks & hot beverages are available only on flights above 61 minutes.
  • All items are served at cabin temperature, except beverages and items that are marked as 'Served Hot.'

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