Vistara FlyerCode to Focus on Making Travel Safer for Everyone

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Vistara wants to make the travel a much safer experience for everyone sitting in the flight. A few days back, it announced a set of rules which passengers will have to follow. To read those rules, you can click on the link below. Now the airline has introduced an extra set of rules — ‘FlyerCode’. These new rules will provide additional safety to the passengers and the crew members. However, the airline didn’t introduce the rules out of thin air. There is a reason behind everything Vistara does. The airline conducted a survey in which 55% of passengers said that they are afraid of being exposed to the virus because of others not following the rules.


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Vistara FlyerCode To Educate Passengers

The new FlyerCode from Vistara seeks to educate passengers about the rules of safe travelling. Vinod Kannan, Chief Commercial Officer of Vistara said, “At Vistara, we have put together some extremely stringent preventive measures to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff, in line with the new regulatory guidelines. Our teams at every touchpoint are ensuring all these compliances every day.”

FlyerCode is a set of really simple steps which are not hard to follow at all. But if followed, these simple steps would make travelling from flights a much safe experience. All the Vistara passengers and customers are advised to disclose all the contact information properly when they are booking their flight tickets online. Also the same is asked to follow during the time of web check-in.

The Vistara FlyerCode seeks to acquire passengers with all knowledge about rules and regulations surrounding flying at the time of the pandemic. Every state has different quarantine rules, thus it is essential that passengers know about them.

Along with this, Vistara has asked the passengers to keep their flying schedule flexible. Vistara has also said they want their customers to keep the masks on at every time. With this, passengers must keep sanitising their hands at regular intervals.

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