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American Airlines Is Only Using 75% of Their Pre-COVID Capacity

In a recent report, American Airlines said that it is continuing to operate with drastically decreased capacity in contrast to pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels. Despite increasing demand, the airline's domestic routes were down 14.5% in 2021, and it served below half of its foreign network compared to 2019. "While demand for domestic and short-haul foreign markets has essentially rebounded to 2019 levels, the timing of a full recovery remains unknown. American... Read More

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American Airlines Brings Back Hot-Meals Inside Aircraft

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, American Airlines along with other airlines across the globe had to stop serving hot meals inside the aircraft. Instead, customers were served pre-packed meals and beverages. However, American has now decided to resume offering hot meals to passengers onboard. After a gap of almost two years, American Airlines has decided that it will offer hot-cooked meals to passengers on flights that are of at 3.5... Read More

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American Airlines Adds Two New Destinations to Fly from Austin

In a recent development, the largest airline by fleet size, American Airlines has decided to add two new leisure routes from Austin. American Airlines will deploy its Embraer aircraft two operate once a week on the new routes to Mexico and Jamaica. The capacity of the flights might not be noteworthy, but it's another step towards the expansion of schedules by the airline from Austin as its position in the... Read More

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US Airlines Warn Operational Disruptions With C-Band 5G Deployment

In less than 36 hours, when AT&T and Verizon are expected to launch C-Band 5G service, the CEOs of major US passenger and cargo airlines warned of possible ‘catastrophic’ aviation problems. The US airlines have warned that the new C-Band 5G service, slated to launch on Wednesday, might render many widebody aircraft inoperable. The situation could strand tens of thousands of Americans overseas and cause chaos for the US flights.... Read More

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American Airlines and IndiGo Codeshare Agreement May Implement in March 2022

In the recent development of events, an official from the world’s largest airline in terms of the fleet- American Airlines has said that the airline is in the process of getting requisite approvals from the US government for its codeshare agreement with the IndiGo airlines. He added that the partnership between the two global giants may be initiated from March of next year. Earlier in September, it was announced, that... Read More

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American Airlines to Operate Around 380 Flights from Miami International Airport

In the recent development of events, the biggest carrier at the Miami International Airport – American Airlines has made an announcement to add four new international routes and six new domestic routes. This will bring it to a total of 378 flights actively operating from Miami by American Airlines, a feat that has never been achieved before. The new expansion by the airline during the very busy winter schedule will... Read More

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American Airlines Return to National Capital of India with Daily Services

In an attempt to expand its global network even further American Airlines has announced the initiation of new flights to New Delhi which started on November 12th, 2021. American Airlines is the biggest airline in terms of fleet and seemingly the air-giant is ready to take advantage of the recent ease in travel restrictions. American Airlines will be using its largest widebody carrier in the fleet Boeing 777-300ER for the... Read More

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American Airlines Sees Rise in International Travel as Country Opens Borders

In the recent development of events, as the covid restrictions ease and the US opens border for non-citizens, American Airlines have welcomed 150 flights in the country on Monday carrying passengers who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The president of American Airlines expressed his delight at the rising demand and told that they were going to welcome around 40,000 passengers in the country. American Airlines Expects Expects Surge in Travel... Read More

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American Airlines to Extend Vaccination Deadline for Its Employees until 2022

America’s flag carrier American Airlines has announced the delay in implementation of protocols that required its employees to get fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The delayed date has now been set to 4th Jan. The decision was rolled out four hours after administration under Joe Biden delayed its deadline for federal contractors to meet the protocols. The New Guidelines As per the previous requirements, more than 100,000 American Airlines’ mainline employees... Read More

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American Airlines Will Soon Sell IndiGo’s Tickets in India

If the headline sounds a little confusing to you, I don’t blame you. American Airlines (AA) recently announced that it has signed a codeshare agreement with IndiGo, the largest airline company in India. The will allow AA to sell tickets of IndiGo to its customers if they want to travel within the country. As per a PTI report, the codeshare agreement will cover 29 routes of IndiGo. Note that this... Read More

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American Airlines Safer Contactless Baggage Drop and Check-In Service

Flying is considered as the safest medium of travel at the moment. Because of the COVID-19 threat, airlines and airports have revamped their services. Every airline is working on converting its services to contactless services. This will ensure proper social distancing both at the airport and inside the flight. American Airlines has also made its check-in and baggage drop service contactless. It has come up with a very simple but... Read More

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American Airlines Main Cabin: What You Will Experience

American Airlines has many different cabin classes. One of them is - Main Cabin. People who don’t want Basic Economy of the airline, yet want a cheaper flight with good experience usually go for the American Airlines Main Cabin tickets. American Airlines is considered as the world’s largest airline because it has the biggest fleet of aircraft in the world. The airline operates close to 7,000 flights along with its... Read More

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American Airlines Business Class: Get Five Star Service and Access to Flagship Lounge

American Airlines has one of the best Business Class services in all of the world. With it, you get the perfect premium experience of flying. Compared to the Business Class of Emirates and Etihad, it might not look as good, but it is worth it. As the flag carrier of USA, American Airlines have kept the standard of their flights right at the top. From cleanliness to the friendliness of... Read More

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American Airlines Basic Economy: All You Should Know

If you want to travel in the cheapest American Airlines flight, you should book the airline’s Basic Economy ticket. There are some restrictions on the baggage that you will likely face. Before we go ahead, let’s first understand what Basic Economy is. So American Airlines Basic Economy is built to provide the cheapest flying options to passengers. You will find restrictions with baggage, the seats that you choose, and on... Read More

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