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Kanpur Airport To Be Ready With World-Class Facilities by December 2022

Kanpur is one of the popular cities of India and is the commercial capital of Uttar Pradesh and a hub for Leather, Textile and Defence production. The city is also known for historical pilgrim places and various premier institutions and attracts air travellers in large numbers. Current Connectivity: Kanpur city is served by AAI-operated Kanpur Airport (KNU) and is directly connected to four cities Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Gorakhpur. Growth... Read More

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Rampur Heliport’s New Terminal Building Gets Inaugurated

[caption id="attachment_56966" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Source: Pawan Hans[/caption] In our earlier story of Pawan Hans, we discussed the importance of Heliports in mountainous terrains. In one such development, the Rampur Heliport’s New Terminal building gets inaugurated on Tuesday. The Rampur Heliport was built at a cost of Rs 3.40 crore and is equipped with modern amenities. The work of three heliports, Shimla, Baddi and Rampur, has been completed. Rampur Heliport’s New... Read More

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Airport Updates: Chandigarh Airport Shuttle Service, Online Booking Portal for Sleeping Pods

[caption id="attachment_56692" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Source: AAI Official Twitter[/caption] We have discussed the importance of service facilities and infrastructure developments at the Airports in our previous stories. As part of the same, we are trying to cover them when there is a significant development with any airport. Here are a few updates for you to know: 1. Online Booking Portal Launched for Sleeping Pods Remember sleepzo, the sleeping pods facility that... Read More

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Airport Updates: MLCP at Delhi Airport, Wellness Experience at Jaipur International Airport and More

[caption id="attachment_55979" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Source: Twitter Delhi Airport, Jaipur Airport[/caption] We have discussed the importance of facilities and services at Airports earlier. As Airports cater to the needs of different passenger kinds and scenarios, they should be well equipped to facilitate a great travelling experience. Considering the same, here are a few updates with the Airports. Continue Reading to Know More: 1. Jaipur International Airport Gets a Massage Chair Counter... Read More

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AAI to Collaborate With Sweden for Facilitating Smart and Sustainable Aviation Technologies

As we continue discussing the developments in the aviation sector, so much progress is already happening in the aviation industry. Recently we explored how AAI as a part of its Green Initiatives is upgrading all its airports with solar. In another advancement, AAI signs an MoU with Sweden to facilitate smart and sustainable aviation technology collaboration. Airports Authority of India (AAI) and LFV Air Navigation Services of Sweden (LUFTFARTSVERKET) signed... Read More

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Airport Updates: Baggage Services at Jaipur and Guwahati International Airports

When life changes in seconds, why not be prepared for the unexpected? While flying, our first and foremost worry is about baggage and the items we can pack in our Bags. However we try, there may be scenarios where we need to carry that excess baggage. What if we get such facilities at Airports? Yeah, continue reading to know more about the Airport Facility updates in this story. Guwahati International... Read More

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Hubballi Airport’s First Self-Help Group Outlet Gets Inaugurated

[caption id="attachment_55431" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Source: AAI Official Twitter[/caption] Airports are altogether different spots and provide a worldly experience. Right from the Roads that connect the Airports to the Boarding Area, everything is an experience. There may be cases where we identify specific airports through their interiors. Passengers can relax, shop, dine or experience luxuries at the Airports. We may even plan a trip to experience a specific airport or click... Read More

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BCAS Approves Airports to Deploy Private Security Guards

In notable changes in airport security management, the government has given permission for deploying private security guards at the airport. It is going to happen for the first time after 2002 when private security was held accountable for the security of the airport after the Kandahar Hijack Incident, after which the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) was given the responsibility for airport security. According to the instructions given by the... Read More

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AAI Green Initiatives: Airports in India Getting Upgraded With Solar Power Plants

A few months back, in our routine self-awareness activity, we gained a lot of insights when we explored sustainable energy sources in different countries, their climate and other challenges. Although it has nothing to do with aviation, the current story of AAI Green Initiatives is related to green and clean energy sources. Thanks to its Geography and Climate, India has that advantage in generating and utilising Solar Power. We are... Read More

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Kolhapur Airport to Get a New World-Class Terminal Building

[caption id="attachment_54856" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Source: AAI[/caption] The development of Airports and Infrastructure is a continuous affair, and the AAI takes care of the development and expansion activities based on the market dynamics, the significance of the region, and passenger demand. We must have all heard the name 'Kolhapur' at least once, especially during school days. Now, considering the tremendous passenger traffic growth at the Kolhapur airport, the Airports Authority of... Read More

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Chennai Airport to Have Sleeping Pods Facility in Domestic Arrival

We all have heard the news about short duration sleeping facilities in Railway stations and may have experienced such facilities in some way or the other. Certain start-ups also focused on providing such short nap facilities in prime spots. Chennai Airport has something similar to offer now, and flyers can enjoy short stays in those small spaces. Read to know more. Airport Experience is something that travellers look for to... Read More

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GMR Hyderabad International Airport Rolls Out DigiYatra to Transform the Travel Experience for Flyers

[caption id="attachment_54187" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Source: Twitter @RGIAHyd[/caption] Under the DigiYatra Programme initiated by the government, the digital processing of passengers at GMR Hyderabad International Airport has begun through the DigiYatra platform as a proof of concept from Thursday. The PoC will continue for three months from 18th August. Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, has also rolled out the DigiYatra programme on Independence Day. Hyderabad International Airport is also one of the... Read More

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DigiYatra App Goes Beta; Successfully Launched at Bengaluru Airport

As India celebrated its Independence Day, the beta version of DigiYatra App was successfully rolled out at the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (BLR Airport) today. Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) has been pioneering the DigiYatra effort from its early concept days, and pilot trials have been held since January 2017 at BLR Airport. DigiYatra: DigiYatra – the contactless, seamless processing of passengers at airports, based on the use of single... Read More

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Upcoming Greenfield Airports in India to Cater for the Needs of Growing Air Passenger Traffic

The expansion of the Airports/Airline network, in a way, signifies the demand, socio-economic development and growth of a particular region. As numerous employment opportunities, growth and brand of a country also lie in the Airline Industry, being International, care should be taken such that the growth happens organically. The country's brand image also lies in the Airline Sector as it caters to International Passengers and Communities. In this story, we... Read More

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