Chennai Airport to Get New Terminal By 2022

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Chennai airport is going to get a new integrated terminal by 2022. For this new terminal, the existing terminals, 2 & 3 will be demolished. The new terminal at the airport is expected to be commissioned by December 2022. As per a PTI report, the Airports Authority of India said that the airport's new terminal would operate for both the domestic and international passengers passing through the airport. This is an interesting way to handle passenger traffic. Instead of two different terminals, the Chennai airport would be able to focus all of its resources on one terminal — more details on the story ahead.


Terminal 2 and 3 Will be Demolished for Building a New Terminal at the Chennai Airport

The new terminal going to be built at a total area of 2,18,000 sqm. So it will be a very large terminal which will able to handle a big load of passenger traffic and flights every hour. Thus it explains the airport's move to make it function as both the domestic and international terminal for the passengers.

Once the new terminal is built, the Chennai airport’s total capacity will rise from 21 million to 35 million passengers per annum. It will be a two-phased project which will start once the terminals 2 and 3 are decommissioned.

The construction of the new facility on the terminal 2 has started since it has already been demolished and is slated to commission on June 2021 and it is also the first phase of the project. In the second phase of the project, international terminal 3 will be demolished so that the new terminal could be built in its place.

"The total project (single integrated terminal) will be commissioned by December 2022," the AAI noted.

The Chennai airport stands at the fourth position in terms of the maximum number of passengers held every year. With the constriction of the new terminal, the airport will also get a multi-level car parking that will accommodate up to 3,000 cars at a time. At present, the car parking facility of the airport can only handle up to 1,200 cars.

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